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For the Record #1: Foals - Antidotes


Welcome to a new feature of the internet (and more specifically subpop.com): “For the Record”. It’s going to work something like this: one of us picks a record we are fond of, writes a few lines about why we like it and then we put it on sale for 48 hours. You, enticed by the the review and overcome by feelings of inadequacy for not having listened the first time we told you it was great, buy the record. Deal?

Band: Foals
Record: Antidotes
When we told you the first time: April 8th 2008

Antidotes is unlike any other record Sub Pop has put out. Talking Heads, Steve Reich, Arthur Russell, Fugazi, the Kompakt label, The Cure and “dance rock” (ugh) aren’t reference points for many bands we work with. What Foals do have in common with many of the best loved Sub Pop records is the spirit of outsiders playing their own distorted vision of pop music. Descriptions of the band’s “taught rhythm section” and “insect like guitar lines” litter the internet, so I won’t bore you with those (try the mp3s and video links to hear for yourself or Bing Foals). My favorite track is Heavy Water, or to be precise the second half of it, so look out for that when you buy it. Foals themselves will be the first to tell you that they didn’t pull off everything they attempted on Antidotes, but it’s cruel to be too critical of a band for having too many ideas. The band is currently working on their second record back in Oxford, England. Until LP2, please satisfy yourself with Antidotes, the first Foals record.

For the next 48 hours you can pick up Antidotes for $6 on CD and LP and for $4 digital. The CD contains UK singles “Hummer” and “Mathletics” as bonus tracks, those tracks are included on a 7” in the sleeve with the vinyl.

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Posted by Richard Laing