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Fucking Wasted and Fucking Crazy


Wolf Eyes are beginning a US/Canada tour, so now is a relevant time as any to revisit a highly entertaining interview conducted by CITR Music Director Luke Meat circa 2005! Hopefully you can read this with all of the notes. For Wolf Eyes tour dates, go here. And without further adieu:

Fucking Wasted and Fucking Crazy, A Conversation With Wolf Eyes By Luke Meat

Wolf Eyes have more in common with a house full of Old Stock than Stockhausen. Their live show should leave any sane person regressing back to the state a four–year–old child, where all you want is your mommy and for all these evil men to stop making all the loud noise. I got to talk to them after an accidentally double–booked night at The Media Club. Wolf Eyes went on at 7:30. They were pretty drunk. I was pretty drunk. The problem with drunk noise nerds is that when we get together, we can talk for hours about lame esoteric stuff that no one gives a shit about. Hence the notes.

Discorder: True or false: Wolf Eyes is a noise band.
John Olsen: True.

How does Wolf Eyes define “noise”?
Mike Connelly: Nowadays it’s weird. We come from the old school—y’know, like noise that people do NOT want to hear.

True or False: Wolf Eyes have released over 300 albums.
John Olsen: True, about 250–300 now…

True or False: Wolf Eyes are the next coming of Throbbing Grissle.
John Olsen [loudly]: Ahhhhhhh! No way, man! Their reunion gig was the best thing I’ve ever seen—it made me retarded—but the dumbest thing is when people see no drums and only electronics, people think we’re like a TG thing. It’s like comparing The Shaggs to The Allman Brothers. It’s retarded to just look at instrumentation, because the actual instrumentation is totally different with us. Of course we all love ’em and stuff, but we are not the second coming of TG. They were all about this social art manifesto thing.

Is there a Wolf Eyes manifesto?
John Olsen: Yeah, get wasted and have fun! We got the alliance with the fuckin’ bands like the Allies, and fuckin’ Negative Approach, and fuckin’ y’know…just get fuckin’ crazy! Technology is retarded. Y’know we’re just doin’ it and getting’ crazy… and fuckin’ wasted.

I love the Cannibal Holocaust t–shirt you’ve got on. Have visuals ever been a part of a live Wolf Eyes experience?
John Olsen: Nahhh, not really. We used a Valley Export movie where a girl chews her fingernails off, but that’s the only thing. You handle your business with sound, you don’t do fuckin’ Jedi Starbucks Shit. We played with DJ Spooky last night and he had some Japanimation behind him and it’s like, “dude, whatever.”

Did you and Spooky talk last night?
John Olsen: No, nah… He’s an intellectual, man… [Another Wolf Eyes member, Nathan Young, enters dressing room]

You’re wearing a Mayhem t–shirt! You’re wearing a Mayhem t–shirt! Is Varg Vikernes innocent or guilty?
Nathan Young: Oh, guilty man! [laughs] We like Burzum and Mayhem.

Does he deserve to rot in prison?
John Olsen: NO WAY MAN! No one does!

Did the Norwegian black metal scene go too far, do you think? What with the burning down churches and eating sheep’s brains…
John Olsen: Nahhh, I think that if anybody feels that strongly about something, [they] should do that. I’m not endorsing it, but I think all these lazy fuckers with their computers, if they actually went out and did something that they believed in…then that’s fuckin’ cool.

Is “Wolf” the new “Super”?
John Olsen: What?

Never mind. I noticed you were selling hand–cut, individually numbered 7–inch singles for 50 bucks a pop. Is that a tip of the hat to Zoviet France or the Hafler Trio at all?
Nathan Young: Yeah, their packaging was cool. That’s different from what we’re doing, theirs was an actual product. We have an old lathe–cutter, so we’re cutting vinyl constantly. We like doing kind of a one–of–a–kind thing, like a hand–cut record of a jam that we’ll never hear again, as opposed to a nice package. Each one of ours is totally unique, one–of–a–kind—both the music and the record itself.

Does that attitude cross over to the live performance as well?
John Olsen: Totally! The problem with motherfuckers today is they can’t do it on the spot. Y’know, motherfuckers show up with their CDs and shit like that. Everything we do onstage is on the spot: our releases, everything. If we’re not feelin’ it or it’s not happening onstage, we’ll like just hang out and talk; y’know what I’m sayin’? But all these other motherfuckers, they got it all planned and stuff like that. But since we’re so dumb and fun, we’ll just do what the fuck ever. Our live shit is like B.C.—y’know, stones and draggin’ chicks back to our caves by their hair and shit.

Does Wolf Eyes get any groupies?
Nathan Young: There’s a lot of girls at a Wolf Eyes show. There’s a lot of criticism of our shows being male–dominated, but tonight the audience was like half–and–half.
John Olsen: We’re not into being male and all this domination shit; we’re into bein’ ourselves and ladies who are into havin’ a good time.
Aaron Dilloway: I once fell into a mosh pit at one of our shows that was all breasts.

Okay. Wrapping up: do you feel lucky?
Aaron Dilloway: [loud laughter] Every fuckin’ day!
John Olsen: Dude, I’m hangin’ out with my best friends, drinkin’ beer, actin’ a fool onstage, and goin’ to Brazil and seein’ the world. We are the luckiest pieces of shit ever. Seriously.

Posted by Sasha Morgan