FRI, MAR 20, 2009 at 7:20 AM

New Shade of Science Fiction


I’m not south by southwesting, so let me entertain you with Don’t Touch My Marmalade #3, a/k/a “what I’ve listened to recently”. HowzaboutIIIT! I had to skip last week because I was too busy watching MI-5 (Spooks to anyone outside the USA). I’m all caught up now, thanks.

I did listen to Stereolab “Chemical Chords” one day this week & forgot to tweeeet it, but that’s a record I like quite a bit and it’s recent. I’m a fool for Stereolab, though. Playing while I write this is Don Ellis Orchestra “Electric Bath”. What a trip.

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Without further ado:

  • Tony Reedus: Incognito. I’m really digging this record. Steve Nelson on vibes is great. The songs are what get me, though. Fantastic songs! (Tony Reedus is a drummer. He tragically passed away in 2008.)
  • Bobby Hutcherson: Live at Montreux. 1973. Again! This is just great. “Anton’s Bail” is a great Bobby Hutcherson song.
  • Harold Land: A New Shade of Blue. 1971. Supposedly rare? I don’t know about that but it’s good. Bobby Hutcherson on vibes (they basically co-lead the group).
  • Mulgrew Miller: Hand in Hand. 1992. Some stars of ’92. Steve Nelson on vibes which is sweet. Lewis Nash, Kenny Garrett. Overall great!
  • Ornette Coleman: Golden Circle, Stockholm Vol. 1. Love these. Would’ve been a quartet but Bobby Bradford had left the fold a bit prior. I think?
  • Miles Davis: Bags’ Groove. 1954. Timeless & beautiful, never gets old.
  • Ornette Coleman: Complete Science Fiction sessions, all of it. This is the stuff.
  • Ornette Coleman: Live in Belgrade 1971. Sound is a little rough (Haden is hard to hear) but otherwise it is on fire (not literally).

Posted by Stuart Fletcher