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Big Fat Listening Pile


I’m one of the two Deans who work at Sub Pop. Dean Hudson to be exact. I recently decided that I’d start making bite-sized reviews (although a bit bigger than Twitter-sized) of records as I make my way through my listen pile.

While I’ve posted these on my personal website we thought that it may be interesting to cross-post these reviews here, in the spirit of Stuart Fletcher’s collection of short reviews. I also plan on trying to post here every week or so, although I imagine that my inherent absent-mindedness (and daily work duties) may have some effect on the regularity of these posts.

DISCLAIMER: No inference should be made from my reviews as to whether Sub Pop has any interest (or lack of interest) in any of the bands that I mention; the opinions expressed herein are, of course, my own and in no way represent an endorsement (or lack of endorsement) by Sub Pop Records®©. I’m just a single music-loving spoke in the much bigger wheel that is Sub Pop. Take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Without further ado:

  • Hot Snakes – Peel Sessions 7" EP. I’d be super psyched on this if it didn’t come with an epic scratch all the way across the A-side. Don’t make me tape a penny to my tone arm! Good versions of good songs. Swami Records
  • The Remains – The Remains (Mono Sundazed re-issue) LP. A pricey re-issue that you forgive because it’s so good. Great from the slow pounding of the opener. Sundazed
  • The Knights of the New Crusade – “Fugitive from God” 7". I think they formed this band to cover this song. You owe it to yourself to find the original—slightly undercompetant religious garage by the Click Kids. Re-issued as a comp by the Knights.
  • Beyond the Implode – “This Atmosphere” 7" EP. Siltbreeze re-issue of super great songs in the vein of late 70’s Fast Records stuff. Post-punk, pre-new wave awesome that gets on fine without drums. Siltbreeze
  • Charles Albright – “I’m on Drugs” 7". I’MONDRUGS. I’MJUSTAFINEYOUNGMANANDI’MDOINGSOWELL. IWANNAHOLDYOU. Same 3 songs on both sides, his name in caps all over the sleeve and insert. Charles seems to know that important things bear repeating. Available through SS Records
  • Vermillion Sands – “Mary” b/w “Wake Me When I Die”. Pet peeve: super thin vinyl. I didn’t look at the matrix, but is this United’s fault? They make a decent punching bag. I’m not sure that I’m on this train, but I like “Wake Me…” better than the A-side.
  • Tyvek – “Duck Blinds” b/w “Pamphlet”. I’m biased but I love Kevin Boyer. Limited edition tapes, Skolnick laugh and all. 3 unimpeachable minutes. Missed seeing ‘The Kid’ on tour, though. Sub Pop
  • Buzzer – “Disco Kiddz” b/w “Cool Feeling”. I’d like to see this band live. They seem like they either totally bring it or are a little too pretty for their own good. I hope it’s the former, this is pretty solid. The vocals are a bit too loud for me. Douchemaster
  • Fresh & Onlys – “Imaginary Friends” 7". I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the Fresh & Onlys but they were more cohesive than I imagined. Recording-wise, I dig the more poppy songs. These fit into that category—short, slightly repetitive, simple pop bits. B-side wins. Chuffed Records
  • Dan Melchior und das Menace – “Mr. Oblivion” b/w “Piledriver Nightmare #2”. This cover reminds me of the disturbing collection of lawn jockeys my dad had when I was growing up. I’m new to Dan Melchior and representative or not “Mr. Oblivion” is super solid. B-side is in the A-Frames/Intelligence vein. Dark & catchy. Please, splurge on a better pressing! Columbus Discout Records
  • Eat Skull/Ganglians – Split 7". Eat Skull side: reverb on the whole mix and instruments being pulled out of pitch. Ganglians side: reasonably sincere-sounding pop. Just a little long in the tooth. Dulc-i-tone Records
  • Thomas Function – “Nomad” b/w “We Simply Just Attack”. Did this band blow up? I can’t tell. Could live without the intro/outro on the A-side. This 7" is good but doing alt-versions somehow feels a little gratuitous.
  • Live Fast Die / Lover! – Split 7". Live Fast Die side: shredding lo-fi potty punk. Lover! side: solid poppy potty punk. Fun. Douchemaster

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson