SUN, FEB 22, 2009 at 4:10 AM

Northern Voice


I just got back from Vancouver, BC having attended the Northern Voice conference, and wanted to post a quick note thanking the organizers and pointing out a couple of highlights that may be of interest to music folks. Northern Voice is a small-ish conference for bloggers, “Social Media” types (Google it) and other folks of varying degrees of nerdery.

A couple things I learned:

CBC Radio 3 is really awesome. If you have any interest in Canadian indie music (even if you’re not Canadian), Radio 3 is worth looking into. They’re doing a mish-mash of things that basically allow you to get at the music of lots of under-exposed Canadian artists in the digital way of your choosing. It’s a very artist and fan-centric collection of music discovery tools and it can make you extremely jealous of Canada’s support of the arts if you’re a North American that doesn’t quite live that far north.

I also saw a great talk moderated by Dave Olson on rock ‘n roll photography featuring Kris Krug and Bev Davies. Both of Kris and Bev take fantastic pictures (that you should really take a look at) but, in particular, some of Dev Davies’ early pictures (there are some in a Flickr set here) are must see if you’re a fan of early ’80’s punk and hardcore. Bev was basically the only one taking pictures at these shows in Vancouver in the early ’80’s and her collection of shots of DOA, The Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, The Adolescents, Gang of Four, Duff McKagan-era Fastbacks (and on and on and on) are amazing. You may have seen her photography in the punk rock calendar that Nardwuar put together a couple years ago—all the photos in the calendar are her work.

Thanks to the Northern Voice organizers for putting together such a great program!

As an update, Dave posted his slides from the photo talk here. They’re definitely worth seeing. Great shots form both photographers.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson