FRI, FEB 13, 2009 at 9:14 AM

Obits song on eMusic Selects compilation


This week the good people at eMusic released a 16-track compilation of the music they’re most excited about right now, entitled Selected & Collected: An eMusic Selects Compilation. And one of the songs you’ll find here is “Light Sweet Crude” from the upcoming Obits album I Blame You! Not only is this an opportunity to get a song from the new Obits record a full month + before its release, but this is the first Sub Pop song to be available on eMusic.

Plus, the whole compilation is great. For further proof, you can d/l the liner notes here. If you’re an eMusic subscriber, you should go get this comp and if you’re not already a subscriber, maybe you should be.

In other news, I Blame You is available for pre-order right now here.

Posted by Chris Jacobs