FRI, OCT 17, 2008 at 9:27 AM

Eugene Mirman is recording his new album at his shows in Chicago Nov. 7/8!


Eugene Mirman is a busy guy. In addition to his recent foray into investigative journalist-like behavior during the Republican National Convention (where he was detained by the Secret Service for preparing some kind of MRE in his pants…), organizing, hosting and performing in the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival (alongside a whole raft of other great comedians) in Brooklyn at the end of September, and writing his book The Will to Whatevs, which will be out in Feb. 2009 on Harper Collins Perennial, he is ALSO getting ready to record a new stand-up comedy record for us here at Sub Pop! On Friday and Saturday, November 7th and 8th, we’ll be recording Eugene’s performances at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago! And, you should go! Here’s your chance to be edited out of Eugene’s new album!

(The photo we used here was taken from the griffinshot Flickr stream and was then inexpertly cropped to fit the space…)

Posted by Chris Jacobs