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THU, JUL 17, 2008 at 5:56 AM

It’s CSS, Donkey!


On July 22nd, CSS is unleashing the phenomenally titled (and sonically amazing) Donkey on CD and fidelity-maximizing, disco-DJ friendly LP (complete with a digital download code). Since sweetening deals is what we’re all about, if you pre-order Donkey by July 22nd, you’ll receive a bonus CDR of 3 CSS songs not found on Donkey! And just like all of our online orders, we’ll toss in stickers and buttons related to your order so you can celebrate Sub Pop’s esteemed roster not only aurally, but visually too.

Pre order Donkey here.

Listen to CSS here.

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WED, JUL 9, 2008 at 4:35 AM

520 Bridge closed for SP20!


If you live in Seattle and are attending the SP20 Festival at Marymoor this weekend be aware that the 520 bridge will be closed ALL weekend. Plan accordingly!

Info from WSDOT

Alternate Routes:

Seattle to Marymoor via 90 directions are here.

Seattle to Marymoor via 522 directions are

Posted by Stuart Fletcher

WED, JUL 2, 2008 at 10:32 AM

A Form Of Paying Attention July 2008


We are less than ten days away from our big self-congratulatory anniversary extravaganza at Marymoor Park and tempers are flaring here in the office. In fact, it seems that I hear the phrase, “No, why don’t YOU shut the fuck up and try planning this goddamn festival!” at least six to seven times a day, with those numbers steadily ramping up as we get closer to the big weekend. Despite the yelling and the door slamming everyone here is unbelievably excited for this to happen and there is a ton of cool shit going down in celebration of Sub Pop.

For starters, and personally I am secretly the most excited about this over almost everything else that’s happening, the people in charge are letting us fly a giant Sub Pop flag on the fucking Space Needle! And, they’re painting the top of it to look like a record! If you happen to be flying in for the Fest make sure to keep an eye out for this and get a photo if you can. The festivities kick off July 10th at the EMP with their Oral History Live! series featuring Sub Pop founders Jonathan Poneman and Bruce Pavitt at 7pm. It’s only $5 and maybe some grunge superstars will be in attendance.

Friday night is our Comedy Show at the Moore Theatre with Todd Barry, David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Patton Oswalt, and Kristen Schaal. After laughing your guts out you might want to check out Obits at the Funhouse, Death Vessel & Les Thugs at Neumo’s, or Retribution Gospel Choir at the High Dive. Don’t wear yourself out, though, because the real fun begins on Saturday at noon at Marymoor Park with Day One of SP20 Fest featuring Obits, Constantines, Eric’s Trip, Seaweed, The Helio Sequence, Pissed Jeans, Fleet Foxes, The Fluid, Low, Mudhoney, The Vaselines, Iron and Wine, and Flight of the Conchords. Bring money for fair food and a small supply of amphetamines so you keep the party going for The Gutter Twins and Tad’s new band Brothers of the Sonic Cloth at the Showbox afterward. Day Two’s festivities also begin at noon, and you want to make sure not to miss The Ruby Suns, Grand Archives, Kinski, Foals, Les Thugs, No Age, Red Red Meat, Comets on Fire, Beachwood Sparks, Green River, Wolf Parade and one, maybe two bands we’re not allowed to announce. The world is an uncertain place, however, those unannounced bands may fall through. Please don’t count on anything we haven’t actually said is happening, and don’t make a big thing out of it if this is it.

Also, since we’re a record company, we’re going to put out a record this month as well. On July 22 we will release Donkey upon the world. Donkey, besides being one of the top 3 funny animals known to man, is the new album from those crazy Brazilians known as CSS and it seems like a good way to keep the party going after all the hubbub, you know like that last warm beer at 7am or something, but in a positive way. Our pals at Hardly Art are releasing She’s the Dutchess, He’s the Duke by Dutchess and the Duke on July 8th and I can hardly wait. I can wholeheartedly endorse both these albums, but I suspect the minute I start wholeheartedly un-endorsing albums I will no longer be writing this column, so….

Oh hey, do you live in Seattle? Do you like baseball? Well, lucky for you our fearless leader Jonathan Poneman will be throwing out the first pitch at the Mariners v. Tigers at Safeco on Sunday July 6th. Please, please, please come down and make him feel more uncomfortable than he already does!

And finally, the news you’ve all (well some of you, maybe) been waiting for—"SINGLES CLUB 3.0 IS FINALLY HERE!": If you subscribe to the Singles Club we’ll send you a seven inch a month from bands like Om, Mika Miko, Notwist, Black Lips, Unnatural Helpers, etc. This edition of the Singles Club is limited to 1500 and once we’re out, we’re out. We are selling subscriptions here for $75 in North America and $90 for the rest of the world so get to gettin’ before they’re all gone.

Happy July, everyone! (Oh, and Happy Birthday America.)

Posted by Lacey Swain

THU, JUL 3, 2008 at 5:59 AM

Girl Trouble Plays Marymoor Park Anyway



As you may know, the first Girl Trouble album, “Hit It or Quit It”, was released on K/SubPop in 1988. In fact, this was the first full-length record SubPop ever released. The record matrix number was K/SP-20.

This month Sub Pop is hosting a huge, two-day concert of Sub Pop bands in Marymoor Park on July 12/13 to celebrate their 20 year anniversary. It’s billed as the SP-20 event, one letter off from the old Hit It or Quit It matrix number. Coincidence? You be the judge. Of course, Girl Trouble awaited the invitation to join their old friends and label-mates on stage for this most festive occasion.

Unfortunately. the band now suspects that a mistake has been made. They have yet to be contacted by their old label! With only weeks to spare it was obvious there was some sort of unintentional oversight by Sub Pop.

Girl Trouble has never been a band to let a small detail like not being invited deter them from joining in on any celebration. That’s why they have decided to bring some instruments and play the show anyway, somewhere in Marymoor Park, as close to the venue as they can legally get. This will be the first all-acoustic Girl Trouble show, playing selections from their Sub Pop album, Hit It or Quit It, in order.

Feel free to look for Girl Trouble somewhere in the park (possibly by some picnic tables or a tree) starting at noon, where they promise to entertain anybody who happens by. Unlike the $30 ticket price for the bands inside the Marymoor Park venue – there will be no charge for this one-day-only performance. Please join us on Saturday, July 12 for this special event. Don’t forget your picnic lunch, blanket and sun screen. Complementary bag of chips to the first 40 K/SP-20 attendees.

Hope to see you there!

[Sub Pop is proud to share the park with Girl Trouble. We’ve got our eye on those chips. -ed.]

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MON, JUL 7, 2008 at 8:38 AM

Grunge Summit 2008: Part III


MOJO is on newsstands this week with a big fat Sub Pop cover, a free CD (Sub Pop 300!) and lots more about the grunge days from these folks who filled out my silly questionnaires.

What Susan Silver (Grunge Band Manager Extraordinaire) Had To Say

  1. * What is your current occupation?* Band Manager and Mom
  2. * Do people ever come up to you and ask for your autograph?*
    It has happened, which schocked the hell out of me. Japan and Spain are my biggest fan bases.
  3. * What do you think of the current state of music?*
    Well…I think the current state of music is totally reinvigorated. The focus seems to be off the “prize” more now and back to expression. State of music business—not so good but that is what’s helping fuel DIY again.
  4. * Name five albums you’ve been listening to lately.*
    1. Thievery Corporation
    2. Mark Pickerel demo
    3. Clay Ballard
    4. Manu Chao
    5. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
  5. * When you meet new people, do you find that all they want to do is talk with you about grunge? Are you tired of talking about grunge?*
    No to both.

What Charles Peterson (Grunge Photographer Extraordinaire) Had To Say

  1. * What is your current occupation?* Photographer (freelance)
  2. * Do people ever come up to you and ask for your autograph?*
  3. * What do you think of the current state of music?*
    Depressing for a photographer (1st three songs, no flash, and all that B.S.)
  4. * Name five albums you’ve been listening to lately.*
    1. The Clash Sandinista
    2. M.I.A. Kala
    3. LCD Soundsystem
    4. Wolfmother
    5. Big Youth Screaming Target
  5. * When you meet new people, do you find that all they want to do is talk with you about grunge? Are you tired of talking about grunge?*
    Sometimes (and it almost always involves Kurt Cobain). Yes.

Whimsical pointillist flower drawing by Susan Silver.

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WED, JUL 2, 2008 at 11:55 AM

Brand New Mudhoney T-Shirt!


Because we assumed that your Superfuzz Bigmuff shirt is getting pretty nasty from everyday abuse, we went ahead and made a new Mudhoney shirt for you! Yes, it’s that kind of market prediction that’s almost gotten us to where we’d hoped to be today. Designed by our own Jeff Kleinsmith, this t-shirt features artwork from The Lucky Ones, Mudhoney’s newest record.

Pick one up right here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer