THU, JUL 31, 2008 at 5:55 AM

Oxford Collapse BITS Out Aug. 5th. OMG, Free Junk with Pre-order!


On August 5th, Brooklyn’s Oxford Collapse are giving the world BITS, their latest record, and here at Sub Pop, we couldn’t be more motivated to sell you this record! Don’t believe us? How about this: if you pre-order BITS by August 5th, we will throw in, at no extra charge, a very special, very limited photograph taken by Oxford Collapse while on tour. We say very limited because we had doubles printed so the band could have a copy too; so each photograph is limited to two. We only have 100 different photographs to give away, so act quickly! Incentivizers that we are, you’ll also be receiving stickers and buttons crammed into your order! That’s just how we do.

Pre-order BITS here

Hear Oxford Collapse here

Posted by Sam Sawyer