FRI, MAY 23, 2008 at 9:02 AM

Birthday Wishes From You to Us


From age 5 to about 10, my birthday parties were pretty much the same. We ate cake in the shape of whatever I was interested in that year (one year it was my favorite stuffed animal, a Puffalump) and we played the standard party games in my backyard. My parents were kind enough to give away prizes to all the kids who came, to ensure that no one cried while I opened my presents. As you know, it is Sub Pop’s 20th birthday this year, and like my parents, Sub Pop gave away free copies of our annual compilation Terminal Sales Vol. 3 Happy Birthday To Me so that you wouldn’t leave the party crying. We even included a free SP20 sticker AND, the best part, a birthday card for you folks to send back to us. For those of you who still have the card, maybe stashed away in the midst of mountain of CDs, here is your inspiration to send them in! In addition to perpetuating the gift-giving cycle, your drawings could be famous. (See slideshow above!)