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THU, APR 17, 2008 at 11:41 AM

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 19, 2008


In a more perfect world, every day would be Record Store Day (and every week would include No Pants Friday). But, until that time comes, until each and every delicious day includes (as most of Dean’s do) a lunch-time trip to one of our nation’s many wonderful record/tape/compact disc/water-pipe emporiums, let’s all be thankful that a rogue consortium of independent record store owners have banded together and mustered the AUDACITY TO INVENT A HOLIDAY! Rejoice, for Saturday April 19, is Record Store Day, people! And on this day, this Saturday, April 19, 2008, hundreds of independently owned music stores across the country will celebrate, with special performances and giveaways and all sorts of cool shit!

Seriously! If you value record stores (as you should) for the culture they help to foster and create, and the community that surrounds and permeates them, you should spend some time in one (or several!) of these stores on Saturday. You’ll be glad you did!

And, if you do, you’ll be able to pick up, free of charge, the new 2008 Sub Pop Records sampler, Terminal Sales Vol. 3: Happy Birthday to Me! The new sampler has 18 tracks in all, many of them as-yet-unreleased, and is handsomely/expensively packaged (yes, we are pretty pleased with ourselves).

Here’s the full list of stores participating in Record Store Day!

Posted by Chris Jacobs

TUE, APR 1, 2008 at 8:55 AM

A Form of Paying Attention April ‘08


Today, and this is no April Fools joke, is Sub Pop Records’ 20th Anniversary. When I asked Jon Poneman, aka The Jonald, how it feels to turn 20 he responded, “The company maintains bowel movements at regular intervals so we’re not nearly as grouchy as some other labels our age.” I couldn’t put it better myself, but this is coming from a man who has never once used the bathroom in the office.

April is packed full of highly anticipated releases, starting first with the US release of Foals Antidotes on CD/LP (w/ download code). This is out on April 8th and if you pre-order you’ll get a bonus CDR with B-sides! April 8th is also the release date for the new seven-inch from No Age. It features “Eraser” from the upcoming album plus three covers. April 8th is also the official release date for the Fleet Foxes EP, but you’ve been able to buy that on for practically forever so who cares?

On April 22nd we’ll be releasing Flight of the Conchords by Flight of the Conchords and then I’ll get to hear all the world sing “Business Time” wherever I go. The album is on CD and LP (w/download code) and both come with a killer little poster. Also, we’ll go ahead and give you $2 off until street date. Don’t say we never did nothing for you. We almost never stop doing nothing for you.

The first of our anniversary celebrations is tonight (April 1st) at Chop Suey, where The Ruby Suns are playing. Tomorrow (that’s April 2nd) we intend to buy all of Seattle a drink at Hattie’s Hat from 9pm on. You better show up early as the place will surely reach capacity within seconds. Keep your eye out for details on our summertime anniversary show and maybe a little something called the Singles Club. Uh oh—cat’s out of the bag.

Posted by Lacey Swain

FRI, APR 11, 2008 at 4:07 AM

Flight of the Conchords Have a New Record for you to buy!


Sub Pop’s International Talent-Hound Dept. is almost constantly scouring the globe for the “hottest” and “freshest” new “artists.” On April 22nd, we’re releasing a new album from one such hot discovery: New Zealand’s totally bumpable, Flight of the Conchords. Their self-titled full-length will be available on both CD and, for you connoisseurs of the finer things in fidelity, vinyl LP (with an MP3 download code for the entire album). And for the wall-art lover in all of us: both versions come with an enclosed poster celebrating the album’s stunningly handsome artwork. Uh-huh, we know you like it like that. But, no way is that all. If you pre-order Flight of the Conchords by April 22nd, you’ll pay only $12 before shipping and very sensual handling (that’s 2 dollars less than our normal, post-April 22nd, still totally reasonable price of $14). What’s that? You’d like some more? Well, just like all of our online orders, you’ll also receive Flight of the Conchords-related buttons and stickers. Don’t delay; order now, or whatever!

Pre-order here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer

TUE, APR 1, 2008 at 5:54 AM

Vh1 Does Us a Solid on our Birthday


The fine folks over at and went above and beyond and have provided us with our best birthday present yet—a Sub Pop Turns 20 celebration with over 50 Sub Pop videos from the dawn of time til now. Check it out—there’s Tad, SDRE, Mudhoney, Band of Horses, The Shins, CSS, and more!

Posted by Lacey Swain

TUE, APR 29, 2008 at 6:07 AM

Grand Archives are on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Wed. April 30!


Earlier this month, the remarkably talented and genial men of Grand Archives recorded their very first television performance, playing the song Torn Blue Foam Couch on the CBS program, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. “Torn Blue Foam Couch,” of course, appears on Grand Archives’ recently released debut album, The Grand Archives And, this episode, the Grand Archives episode of the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, will be airing this Wednesday night, April 30th!

Allow me to boldly reiterate…

Grand Archives will be appearing on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this Wednesday, April 30th!

As an added bonus, and for those of you who don’t already know this, Craig Ferguson is actually a really funny, manic host! And, the other guests on this particular episode are great as well – Jeff Bridges and Sophia Myles!

Please tune in!

Posted by Chris Jacobs