THU, FEB 28, 2008 at 9:16 AM

Brand New Ruby Suns Record on Tuesday


On March 4th, we’re releasing our first album with New Zealand’s The Ruby Suns. It’s called Sea Lion and is ten tracks of globe-trotting, Tropicalia-infused psychedelic pop, sprinkled with references to the Beach Boys, Eno and a ton of others. Like many of our favorite NZ exports, this record is a constantly unfolding wonder, inventive and wide-ranging. And, if you pre-order Sea Lion by March 4th, we’ll take $2 off the already low Sub Pop Megamart price of $12, making it $10 for you, you super intelligent consumer of Sub Pop wares whose ass we are forever trying to kiss. And just like all of our online orders, we will include stickers and possibly even a button; because we like getting you excited about buying things from us. Actually, we mostly just like the part where you buy things from us – but the excitement is nice, too.

Pick it up here.

Posted by Sam Sawyer