MON, FEB 25, 2008 at 4:35 AM

Pre-order the new Gutter Twins and get 2 bucks off!


On March 4th, rejoice, for you can finally listen to the long-awaited debut from The Gutter Twins: Saturnalia! And, if you pre-order Saturnalia on CD or on glorious, incredibly expensive 180-gram, double LP by March 4th, you’ll get $2 off the regular Sub Pop Megamart price (that’s already $2 off the retail price – generosity is totally our thing). Also, being the deal-sweeteners that we are, we’re going to give the first 200 pre-orderers a CD booklet autographed by both Mark Lanegan and Greg Dulli. That’s a limited offer, folks – when they’re gone, that’s it. And as with all of our online orders, you’ll get Gutter Twins-related stickers and buttons. Generosity, that’s just how we don’t not do.

Orders have exceeded the amount of autographed CD booklets we have. If you’d like to try and get one of them still, try ordering through Newbury Comics here.

Again: the autographed CD booklets are now gone!

Attention! As we have mentioned from time to time here on the Sub Pop web thingy, most of the LPs that we put out come with an enclosed coupon enabling you to download all of the album’s songs as mp3s FOR FREE. The vinyl format for Saturnalia, for example, includes one of these very coupons.

Posted by Sam Sawyer