TUE, FEB 5, 2008 at 6:15 AM

Kelley Stoltz (totally) Does it Again!


It must be a gift from Zeus, or Jesus or whomever to have jobs where we almost never have to feign enthusiasm about the music we’re putting out. On February 5th, we’re releasing Kelley Stoltz’s
new album Circular Sounds. And it would be pretty nauseating if we were any more excited about it. It’s that good. But, don’t just take my word for it: buy it! From the here’s-me-trying-to-persuade-you dept.: We’ll toss in a couple of stickers and a button if you do! Because that’s just how we do.

A little more about Circular Sounds:
Circular Sounds is the fourth LP from San Francisco’s home recording auteur Kelley Stoltz
. Its 14 songs are a stereophonic advance on the lo-fidelity psych-fuzz of Antique Glow (Beautiful Happiness, 2004) and the mid-fi piano-rock of Below the Branches (Sub Pop, 2006): two modest masterpieces which, by a curious coincidence, both made #24 in MOJO magazine’s “Best Albums” list for their respective years. Kelley has also been praised by such esteemed publications as Uncut, Rolling Stone, Q, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out London, The Independent, and Ptolemaic Terrascope.

Circular Sounds is very much a pop record, in the classic ’60s mold. The horn-and-harmony-soaked romance suggesting Love covering “Good Day Sunshine” of “Everything Begins,” and the glorious, garage-psych dilation of “Your Reverie” are amongst the album’s 14 highlights. And these tracks boast Kelley’s fullest production to date: radio-ready yet retaining the organic warmth that gave his earlier work its character. He is no longer a marginal, ‘lo-fi’ artist: “I work in a second-hand record store and that’s made me more of a hi-fi advocate. It’s hard for me to listen to stuff that was recorded on a cassette player nowadays. By the last record I was mid-fi. I think I’m mid-hi now!”

We think you’re mid-hi too, Kelley. For realz.
Order here, folks.

Posted by Sam Sawyer