MON, FEB 4, 2008 at 9:59 AM

Nerd News

Hi friends. Lots going on here in the Sub Pop Records Office of Technical Staff (and everywhere else at SPHQ) in the ’08.

First and foremost: in case you haven’t heard, Sub Pop will be turning 20 this year. In honor of ourselves, we’re getting into all sorts of hoo-ha: there’s talk of some sort of big festival this summer in Seattle and rumors of a limited run of the Sub Pop Singles Club (which will include some sort of digital component). And did I mention that we’re putting out a boatload of great records (including the newly released records from The Helio Sequence and Kelley Stoltz )?

On the technical side we’ve been working on some of the guts of While this work isn’t the most glamorous it should make the site a bit snappier and offer some substantial improvements to browsing our catalog.

We’re also working on upgrading the bitrates on our salable MP3s (due to popular demand). While it may take a while to get all the new encoding straightened out, don’t forget that if you buy MP3s now you’ll be able to log in later and download upgraded bitrates and/or other formats. What I’m saying is, get your MP3s here!

Also, we’re working on some screencasts with how-tos, highlights of some of our favorite site features, hijinks and whatever else we can think of that warrants the effort.

We pushed out a bunch of changes at the end of the year too; you can leave comments on records, there’s a comments feed (if you’re more interested in what people are saying about us than what we’re saying) and in a retro ’03 maneuver we added a tag cloud to our revamped channels page.

There’s lots more stuff on the way, but I’ve typed enough for now—as always leave comments or email webmaster if you have any bright ideas for us…

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson