Sat, NOV 3, 2007 at 12:44 AM

What Would You Do With a Sub Pop API?

We’re a very small shop (in terms of software development), and we’ve been pretty busy in the past year just taking care of the basic needs of our non-technical internal users, but one thing I’d very much like to do is open up the data that we use on our site (and internally) to 3rd party applications.

We’ve got all sorts of interesting data—artist info, release info, track info (with ISRCs), photos, mp3s, tour dates, and on and on. So here’s the question that I’d like to pose: would you be be interested in building something around this data? If so, what sorts of things would you like to do and what data would you like to see exposed?

If you have ideas we’d love to hear them. Just leave them in the comments or email webmaster.


Posted by Harry Dean Hudson