FRI, OCT 5, 2007 at 3:49 AM

A really great documentary about The Go! Team, part 2


Remember that news piece we posted a little while back about that Go! Team documentary? Sure you do!

We said this:

The Go! Team, whose really very excellent new album Proof of Youth we at Sub Pop just released last week here in the US of A, have put together a great documentary about their band and their new record. Directed by Bob Jarocs, this film really captures the exuberant cut-and-paste spirit of the band – it’s enthused, raucous, fun and occasionally funny. And, there is lots and lots of jumping; rampant jumping on a scale you might have previously, and not unreasonably, thought unattainable.

And, the second part is now up on YouTube!

Go watch part 2 of the Go! Team film now!

Posted by Chris Jacobs