THU, SEP 27, 2007 at 10:01 AM

Pandering to the Locals October ‘07


Alright, let’s get straight to the point here—Sub Pop is releasing Cease to Begin, the second long player from Band of Horses, on October 9th and we’d really like to sit around and shoot the shit but we’ve got a lot of work to do what with a) work and b) Halloween costume planning. We’re giving you TWO BUCKS OFF the low price through street date + sticker and button, and you also get free mp3s of the tracks if you buy the LP version. Check out all this crazy Band of Horses stuff here and watch an (old) video or two here. Keep your eyes peeled for the new video for “Is There a Ghost” coming everywhere very soon. (Yuck!)

The only other Sub Pop release for the month of October is a killer 7" from San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips featuring “Loose Lips” b/w “Start to Dreaming” out October 23rd. I asked Andrew Sullivan about it and here’s what he said, “It rules. They’re playing CMJ. They’re doing an Amoeba instore. All of the proceeds from the last one they self released went to Food Not Bombs SF. They have a full length out on Holy Mountain.” Seriously, they are awesome and only a foolish person would not buy this and you couldn’t possibly be foolish if you are reading this so click here to get it.

One more thing! We are also distributing a new De Stijl release this month—"Little Eyes by Ed Askew.": I’d be lying if I said I knew a lot about this, but after I came across his All Music Guide entry I didn’t feel so bad:” “An enigma even by the ultra-obscure standards of ESP-Disk Records, next to nothing is known about outsider folksinger Ed Askew.” Look at the De Stijl page for way more information. God, I feel uncool.

Alright, back to trying to figure out how to make a realistic looking buffalo wing costume. While I’m papier maicheing please enjoy these photos of Vice President Megan Jasper as Shrek, Online Sales Sam as a Sailor, GM Chris J as a wacky clown, and Tony K as a small wizard! Check back next week for even more photos because Dean is a party pooper and says that I make the internet too slow when I put them all up at once.

Posted by Lacey Swain