TUE, SEP 18, 2007 at 5:02 AM

A really great documentary about The Go! Team


The Go! Team, whose really very excellent new album Proof of Youth we at Sub Pop just released last week here in the US of A, have put together a great documentary about their band and their new record. Directed by Bob Jarocs, this film really captures the exuberant cut-and-paste spirit of the band – it’s enthused, raucous, fun and occasionally funny. And, there is lots and lots of jumping; rampant jumping on a scale you might have previously, and not unreasonably, thought unattainable.

The first part of this film was recently posted on Youtube and you can check it out here. The entire film is somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes in length, so they had to chop it into pieces for consumption on the internets. The subsequent portion(s) of the film will be posted subsequently (you’re welcome).

Go watch part one of the Go! Team film!

If you haven’t already, we’d strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of Proof of Youth immediately.

Posted by Chris Jacobs