THU, SEP 6, 2007 at 10:15 AM

Yes No Age, Yes!


Hey, here’s something exciting: we just signed No Age! No Age is Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, formerly of the band Wives and still, currently of the city Los Angeles. They just recently released the really fucking excellent singles compilation Weirdo Rippers on the Fat Cat label (if you don’t own this already, consider remedying that situation) and we are genuinely thrilled to be working with these guys. Here’s the description of the band we just lifted from their own website:

Two parts of Wives make up this new group. Not perfect in the normal sense, but perfect in the sense that they think it is. Pretty and ugly meet somewhere in the middle of punk and art. You will see very soon. One guy broke his neck and had brain surgery, and the other guy got in a car accident and got a lot of money, it kinda sounds like that.

No Age is right now working on a new record, which we hope to have out sometime in the spring of 2008. They’re also touring a bunch on the coming months. Here’s a list of those dates

And, here’s a link to their video for the song “Boy Void” on YouTube…

Welcome, Dean and Randy. We can’t wait.

Posted by Chris Jacobs