TUE, AUG 28, 2007 at 4:14 AM

Pre-order The Go! Team’s new album Proof of Youth!


Right now, we are offering $2 off the regular price of Proof of Youth (and that regular price through your pals here at subpop.com is already a steal at $14), making it only $12 all the way through the album’s release date of Sept. 11. We will also, of course, throw in The Go! Team stickers and buttons! AND! The first pressing of Proof of Youth on CD will include a BONUS DISC with four extra tracks! On this bonus disc: “Milk Crisis,” “Phantom Broadcast,” “A Version of Myself,” AND “Grip Like a Vice (Black Affair remix)” – all of which are B-sides from new UK singles. When this first pressing of the CD is gone, this bonus disc will be gone. As with so many things, your snoozing is your losing.

Posted by Chris Jacobs