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News from 7/2007

MON, JUL 2, 2007 at 4:12 AM



What’s hotter’n a flaming, flag-decoupaged bucket of firecrackers on fiery fire? Us. We are literally, figuratively, hormonally, and metaphysically firing on all eight cylinders (or however many it is that we’ve got) here at World HQ this July. For starters, on July 10th, we release Patton Oswalt’s WEREWOLVES AND LOLLIPOPS (for a little while there, we thought that Patton was an Arabian psych-metal band, which is why we signed him, but then we realized that he’s a comedian, so whatever). Iron and Wine’s Boy With A Coin + 2 CD-single, aka the teaser of all teasers for the upcoming fall release of his next full-length, THE SHEPHERD’S DOG, comes out on the 10th, too. But that’s not all, turd burglars! On July 24th, we’re releasing Tiny Vipers’ full-length debut with us, a spare, mesmerizing epic called HANDS ACROSS THE VOID. Tiny Vipers is Seattle’s own Jesy Fortino, and although she is indeed tiny in stature, she’s got crazy strong pipes. On top of the excitement of releasing all these zany records, a gaggle of Sub Pop bands — including Band of Horses, The Album Leaf, Handsome Furs and Tiny Vipers — are on tour summer! It’s the ginchiest summer ever; hotter’n Buster Poindexter making out with Annette Funicello. Or, hotter than that is gross!

Posted by Chris Jacobs

TUE, JUL 24, 2007 at 3:44 AM

Tiny Vipers on KEXP @ Noon!

Tiny Vipers will doing a live in studio performance on KEXP at noon. Wanna listen? Good. Just click your way on over to and follow the “listen live” link with your favorite flavor of stream. Or if you’re old fashioned and you live in the greater Seattle area, you can just tune in on your FM receiver to 90.3.

Also of note to Seattlites: Tiny Vipers will be performing a live in-store at 7 pm this evening at the Capitol Hill Sonic Boom. We suggest you attend.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson