THU, JUN 21, 2007 at 10:57 AM

The Thermals have a new single out! Plus more!


There are suddenly a great many things to tell you about The Thermals! And they are these:

  • As mentioned in this month’s Pandering to the Locals (which, you maybe didn’t read, and who can really blame you what with that awful picture…), we have a brand new Thermals single for the song “A Pillar of Salt”! On this single, you will also find demo versions of “A Pillar of Salt” and “St. Rosa and the Swallows,” (final versions of which are on the most recent Thermals elpee The Body, The Blood, The Machine) as well as the heretofore unreleased b-side “Product Placement.” You should really buy this single now.
  • The Thermals have a new, and really, very improved new website! Now would be a good time to check it out.
  • They just returned from a bunch of dates in the UK and EU, where, not surprisingly to us, they totally killed it. From the proof dept.: The Guardian’s live review, _NME_’s review of The Body, The Blood, The Machine, The Fly’s review of the new Pillar of Salt single
  • On June 22nd, they will be performing two songs on NPR’s Live Wire from Portand’s Aladdin Theater!
  • There is also a new, limited-edition, thirteen-track Insound Tour Support CD from The Thermals! This thing is extremely limited and only available through Insound or from The Thermals on tour. Get ‘em while they last. Here’s the track listing…
    1. Returning to the Fold (live at KEXP)
    2. I Might Need You to Kill (live at KEXP)
    3. Here’s Your Future (live at KEXP)
    4. St. Rosa and the Swallows (live at KEXP)
    5. A Stare like Yours (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    6. A Passing Feeling (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    7. Brace and Break (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    8. Back to the Sea (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    9. Our Trip (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    10. Every Stitch (live at Bottom of the Hill)
    11. Welcome to the Planet (acoustic)
    12. I Know the Pattern (acoustic)
    13. A Pillar of Salt (acoustic)

Posted by Chris Jacobs