THU, MAY 3, 2007 at 8:33 AM

Seattle: John Atkins Art Opening at The Anne Bonney TONIGHT!


Our old friend Spencer Moody, formerly of The Murder City Devils (among others), currently of Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death has recently opened a shop on Seattle’s Capitol Hill called The Anne Bonny! And, in addition to the sale of “Art, Home Accoutrements and Dead People’s Furniture,” Mr. Moody’s Ms. Bonny will also function as a gallery space, with it’s first opening TONIGHT! Starting tonight, and running through June 8th, The Anne Bonny will be hosting a show of recent works by none other than John Atkins. Mr. Atkins has a long and storied history in Seattle music (from Hush Harbor, to 764-HERO, to Magic Magicians, to his current band The Can’t See – and probably some others I’m forgetting or don’t know about in amongst those…), is a remarkably talented musician, a uniquely pleasant and affable guy, and no slouch as an artiste. Go to the show if you can!

John Atkins Art Show at The Anne Bonny.
Recent works on display May 3rd to June 8th.
Opening Reception 7PM Thursday, May 3rd.
Gallery upstairs.