FRI, APR 6, 2007 at 9:30 AM


We got so many entries for the Best Worst Band Names Contest that it was tough to pick just ONE WINNER! Some of your submissions were fantastic, and some, not so much. Here are the top five, for your viewing pleasure:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Jamulet (Submitted by Chak Zowie of Los Angeles, CA)

FIRST PRIZE WINNER: Rocky Ramirez, also from LA, CA, claims there is ACTUALLY A BAND called I Hate You When You Are Pregnant, and that they’re from Flagstaff. That’s hilarious. He also says there’s a band in Austin called Full Blown AIDS, which is just really, really wrong. We are not giving out the prize for submitting THAT one, because we are not Vice.

SECOND PRIZE WINNER: Will Thompson in the 208 area code submitted the band name Anal Retention, and the album title Caution! Contents Under Pressure!

HONORABLE MENTION goes to Luca Bruno of Basel, Switzerland, who reports that there was a “very influential German indy rock band from the late 80s called Ostzonensuppenw├╝rfelmachenkrebs”, which apparently translates to “East zone soup cubes cause cancer.” That’s less strictly bad than it is just plain confusing. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE, AND THANKS FOR PLAYING!

Posted by Joan Hiller