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News from 3/2007

WED, MAR 7, 2007 at 9:31 AM

Announcing the Sub Pop “Loser Scholarship”!


We at Sub Pop Records have always thought quite a bit of ourselves. But lately, it’s been getting a little ridiculous, even for us. However, it is our innate ability to cast aside just these sorts of, fortunately fleeting, moments of self-doubt and humility that fills us with such overwhelming pride to announce…


Somewhat incredibly, and momentarily ignoring the fact that we have managed to misspell our own name (which consists of two three-letter words…) on one of our own releases, Sub Pop Records is hereby joining the fight against higher education!

The relevant details are below…

The Sub Pop Scholarship

Sub Pop Records in Seattle, WA is offering $5750 worth of college scholarship money to an eligible high school senior. To apply for this scholarship you must be a resident of Washington or Oregon, and a graduating senior on your way to full-time enrollment at an accredited university or college. We are looking for an applicant who is involved and/or interested in music and/or the creative arts in some way.

To apply for this scholarship we would like you to submit an essay, no longer than one page, letting us know about some of the following topics:

* What are you doing in the arts/music field in your community?
* How and/or why did you become interested in artistic outlets?
* Why do you need this scholarship money?
* What are your influences and/or who inspires you?
* Who are some of your favorite bands or artists?

Applicants are encouraged to send digital links and provide hard copies of their artwork along with their essay, if relevant. However, please be aware that Sub Pop will not return any of this material, so please don’t send originals. Sub Pop will give equal opportunity to all applicants who fit the criteria outlined above. The deadline to apply for this scholarship is May 1st.

Please send all submissions and attachments to

Amount: $5750 – check will be made payable to the university or college of the winning applicant’s choice (applied to winning applicant’s tuition).

Posted by Chris Jacobs

MON, MAR 26, 2007 at 9:16 AM

Seattle Climate Change Rally April 14th


Though this year’s edition of the Rhino Records calendar sadly fails to mention it, we’ve recently learned that April 14th, 2007 has been declared National Day of Climate Action! And, our friends over at Grist are helping to plan and promote a climate change rally here in Seattle on this very same day – Saturday, April 14th. Here’s the scoop on what they’ve got planned…

Bill McKibben, a well known environmental author and one of Grist’s board members, has started a national campaign called Step it Up to raise awareness for the climate change issue. The goal is for it to be the largest climate change protest in US history, and to put pressure on elected officials to commit to an 80% reduction in green house gases by 2050. So far over 900 events are planned in all 50 states for Saturday, April 14th. It was just written up in the NY Times, and Bill has been posting weekly dispatches on Grist for over a month now.

In Seattle, there will be community rallies happening on the morning of 4/14, and at 2p everyone will meet downtown at Occidental Park to march down Alaska Way to Myrtle Edwards Park. At Myrtle Edwards, a rally and fair will be held from 4p-6p, with speakers, entertainment, local companies and non-profits that are working to stop global warming. The speakers are being confirmed now and will consist of notable politicians and community leaders that have been active supporters on this issue. Here’s the link to the local website that has more info, and will continue to get updated as more details get confirmed. Our goal is for thousands of people to participate so we can send a strong message to other members of Congress.

And, if you don’t live in Seattle, you can find an event near you right here.

As regular readers of our “news” (we all have our delusions…) might dimly recall, we have an interest in this kind of stuff. As does Kelley Stoltz. And, we hope that you do, too.

So, hey, see you guys at the rally, huh?

(The omission of National Day of Climate Action on the Rhino calendar is somewhat mitigated by this same calendar’s big picture of the cover of the Willie Nelson: The Complete Atlantic Sessions boxed set for the month of April…)

Posted by Chris Jacobs

MON, MAR 19, 2007 at 9:39 AM

Hey Jerks!


I know this probably means nothing to you coming from me — a Sub Pop lackey, who’s job involves such unsavory tasks as marketing records, writing here, on the web site of the band’s label that I’m talking about — but this Low record is real, real good. So quit being a jerk, take what we say at face value for once, and just buy it.

(Cake photo “borrowed” from tosawyer’s flickr stream. It’ll make more sense when you see the video.)

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson

TUE, MAR 6, 2007 at 8:30 AM

MTV is All in love with Sub Pop these days


MTV’s Subterranean program (aka pretty much the one hour a week they might play our videos, aka 120 Minutes if it was only 60 minutes long) has a new blog on the internets and it is currently featuring quite a bit of Sub Pop-related information and video. For instance, here are The Shins riding some Segways on a track in Portland. You just can’t beat that.

This week The Shins are the House Band on MTVu and Hutch from The Thermals tells some of his deepest secrets in the Hot Seat.

While you’re trolling around on the internet, don’t forget to check out the movie from whence this footage of The Shins on Segways comes! Lo and Behold, it’s The Freewave!.

Posted by Lacey Swain

Sat, MAR 17, 2007 at 6:43 PM

SXSW Interactive: Part 1


I’ve spent several hours sifting through my notes, photos, and pickled memories of this years’ conference, trying to distill them into a few (somewhat) coherent posts and I’m beginning to realize that I’m a bit overwhelmed. For those of us involved in both the music and interactive side of things (which, at this point, should be everyone involved with music, but that’s another rant ) south by southwest is nothing if not really, really long. I arrived in Austin on a Thursday night and didn’t get home ’til late the following Friday. And there were still 2 days of music left that I skipped out on.

Since I spent so much time there this year (and since my note taking got less and less diligent as the week wore on), I’m just going to post a mish-mash of semi-chronological, semi-thematic notes. I hope that they make some sense to someone, somewhere.

A few short observations from the first few days of Interactive:

  • Interactive keeps growing and growing — while it wasn’t too big this year, it was definitely straining a bit under its size. Wifi in the convention center was a challenge and some of the talks were in strange, faraway corners of the convention center.
  • The conference still manages to attract really smart and fun people, in any case. The pleasure of getting to meet so many of them definitely outweighed any and all of the hassles.
  • I didn’t really have any trouble getting in to Las Manitas, so maybe all those people weren’t quite as smart as I thought. (My delicious vegetarian tamal is featured above…)
  • Speaking of delicious: SXSW ripped off the This Delicious cover in their marketing materials!
  • Maybe I just got lucky with the talks that I chose (or I’m old?) but the business track seemed better to me than the technical talks this year.
  • Under the pretense “automating admissions and preventing counterfeiting” they had RFID chips in the wristbands and badges this year. Creepy.
  • Bruce Sterling’s rant was great.

More later.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson

FRI, MAR 16, 2007 at 8:24 AM

Attention Art Bitches: Here’s Your Chance to Make a CSS Video


The ingenious people behind QOOB in Italy are currently running a CSS video contest, for the song “Alcohol,” from their international smash-hit-like record Cansei de Ser Sexy! The basic deal is, prospective directors go to the QOOB site, download green-screen footage of the band shucking and jiving and carrying on, and edit that together with the song (also available for download on the QOOB site) and whatever background imagery they’d like. CSS will watch all of the entries, pick their favorite (or least disliked) and to the winner goes the spoils! In this case, the spoils are the not-at-all-insubstantial sum of 2,000 euros (to say nothing of the far more ephemeral, though un-freakin-deniable, fame that might accompany such a victory!).

All of the necessary material, instructions, etc. are provided here. And, the text of the QOOB press release follows…

CSS are the most innovative and overwhelming Brasilian band to be spotted on screen, one of the musical revelations of 2006. For their new video, “Alcohol”, they’re addressing the QOOB online community to come up with a groundbreaking promo and in order to do this, QOOB is giving its users access to an all new means of production.

All wannabe directors of QOOB will be able to use footage of the band shot in greenscreen (downloadable at this URL: CSS members have been filmed by a QOOB team on a green set, which allows users-directors to replace the background with those images that most fit with their creative impulse. It won’t be just another user generated video, then, but it will also give the chance to manipulate the image of the band by placing the members in any kind of context, situation, landscape.

All entries will have to be submitted by 15 April. The winning video, chosen by CSS themselves, will be awarded with a prize of 2,000 euros, kindly put at stake by Sub Pop Records and Audioglobe Italia

After similar successful partnerships with German dj and producer Ellen Allien & Apparat, Italian indie-gods Giardini di Mirò and British electronic outfit Four Tet, QOOB takes one step further, proving to be at the cutting-edge of truly innovative user-generated videomaking.

And the imagination on the net goes on.

If you have questions on any of this please email QOOB, not us!

The deadline for submissions is April 15th, 2007.

Posted by Chris Jacobs