TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM



While we’re sure that you’ve already read & heard about ninety billion accounts of this year’s hail-peppered Sasquatch! Festival at The Gorge in the best-named small town of our state (George, Washington), you totally haven’t yet heard ours! We’ll keep it short and sweet, as photos speak a billion paragraphs or whatevs. Below, you will enjoy several photos taken by the effervescent Sarah Moody, Internet Weblicist, of several of the wonderous bands we’re so lucky to work with. Perhaps you will note that The Shins & Iron and Wine look nice and dry! Perhaps you will also note that The Constantines do not! That’s because, as you may have heard, the apocalyptic heavens opened up and rain-hailed a shitstorm the likes of which I haven’t seen since my days experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Alicia in 1983 in Katy, Texas. In fact, this hailstorm was worse, and not just because upwards of 20,000 kids were trapped outside in it…it lasted for like half an hour. Then stopped for ten. Then re-started up for fifteen. The only thing in the world that could kick the storm’s ass was, indeed, The Constantines. And they did! And the entire attendant staff of Sub Pop Records became drenched and freezing! Enjoy the photos!

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson