TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


I don’t know how often you check our tours page, but I’ll bet you top dollar that folks in Brazil, Croatia and New Zealand will be visiting us a touch more often! Why, you ask? Because we’ve got bands touring in all three countries. Since you have tons of vacation hours left this quarter AND I heard you don’t give a fuck about your job at the Piggy Patty Packing Plant anyways, may I suggest some striking travel packages for you, the adventurous Sub Pop Fan?GO SEE THE SHINS IN NEW ZEALAND THIS FEBRUARYAND HIT UP THE HONOKUI MOONSHINER’S FESTIVAL. We all know The Shins love moonshine, and we also know that you love The Shins. Perfect, no? This festival, which takes place on February 26th, involves the serving of delicious venison and haggis. The New Zealand travel authority’s website also says that “Three members of Australia’s premier bush comedy act, The Naked Bush Poets will be here, they are sure to entertain patrons with their hilarious repertoire.” Bush, booze & Shins—all on the other side of the planet??? COUNT ME IN, DUDES!GO SEE WOLF EYES THIS MAY IN SAO PAOLO, BRAZILAND VISIT INSTITUTO BUTANO, ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST SNAKE FARMS!According to Travelocity, Sao Paolo, the largest city in South America, is “like five New Yorks.” I am totally in. Plus, I’m not sure if any Sub Pop bands have ever played Brazil before.GO SEE THE THERMALS DOMINATE CROATIA, AND THEN VISIT THE ELAPHITES DEER ISLANDS!Between the Eastern tip of Mljet and the ancient town of Dubrovnik, there are tiny islands that used to teem with deer. Strangely enough, says a tourist site, “Today, there are no signs of deer, literal or metaphorical and only three of the islands – Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep – are inhabited.” That means you and The Thermals totally get an island ALL TO YOURSELVES!. xo Joan & Sub Pop

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson