TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM

TRAFFIC OF SUB POP: It’s August 2001!

With me, Anna Woolverton, clod fingers.

THIS MONTH: Barrels of Monkeys.

Why don’t computers tell you when they detect a problem and then fix it? My computer bosses me around all day and then suddenly it’s tits-up in the reservoir. Some joggers found it (it’s always the healthy people who find the deadest, have you ever noticed that?), and called the authorities. My computer was in full rigor when they got there, having shuffled off this mortal coil in the preceding 12 hours. The bloating was not a lovely sight. Either that, or I’ve been watching MSNBC too much again. I get all confused. However, an autopsy on my bloody computer would be welcomed. Anyone? Gloves please, this is not India you know.

The August band of the hour is the hippity hoppity ZEN GUERRILLA, with their new record Shadows On the Sun, coming to you August 21. Again, as in the last record Trance…, the band worked with producer Jack Endino, and it’s the most complex effort from Zen Guerrilla to date. Less reliant on obscurant effects, singer Marcus Durant’s vocals see the light of day in an unprecedented fashion, revealing the post-apocalyptic Otis Redding lurking under there. So, that makes me feel better to know that other people have lurking Otis Reddings too. I mean, I thought it was just me. Has anyone got a Steve McQueen too? Uh…yeah, so Zen Guerrilla, one foot in the Stones, the Kinks and Led Zeppelin, the other rooted in the Ohio Players, the Stylistics and the Temptations. May I please suggest you pick up this record today?

Also in the quasar for August 21, HEATHER DUBY ELEMENTAL, Heather’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut Post to Wire. Teaming up once again with Reggie Watts and STEVE FISK, the self-titled record documents Heather’s vocal and song-writing abilities in creating aural techno-scapes with her ethereal and sultry singing style. Constantly pushing the boundaries of improvised electronics, on stage Elemental conjures an eclectic lab experiment in sound mixing the roots of drum and bass, dub, breakbeat and jazz. The first results of this innovative collaborative effort of Heather Duby and Elemental are found with this record.

Miss Duby herself also contributed a Kinks song “The Way Love Used to Be”, for Give the People What We Want, a Kinks compilation heading your way this fall. Also contributing, Kinks fans: C-Average, Young Fresh Fellows, MARK LANEGAN, MUDHONEY, the Fallouts, THE MURDER CITY DEVILS, LOVE AS LAUGHTER, THE FASTBACKS, THE MAKERS, THE BRIEFS, John Auer, the Minus-5, and more. Let me just add that there is really nothing quite as nice as a Kinks song, you know. And voila, some of my favorites playing some of my favorites! I just have to squeal with delight if it’s all the same to you.

The aforementioned Steve Fisk joins in a workshop and panel discussion, August 2, 7:00-9:00 PM at the EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT JBL Theater, aptly named The Past, Present, and the Future of Electronic Music. Steve recently did a speaking engagement at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party, which I might have attended if one didn’t have to park five miles away from “the block”. If your personal toily is all the way across town, it ain’t your block, honey. But on the other hand, some people just like to celebrate any old block around, even if you can’t bring yourself to it because you grew up there when it was the block of pizza and root beer, and the sight of the ice-cream dropping incident. Oh, and also Mudhoney played the block until crowd surfing ensued.

Just so you know, Sub Pop recording artists VUE are taking rock back toward sex rather than it’s current alliance with violence, but more in a “just fuck, don’t fight” way, than in a “make love not war” way, just so you know. Expect a rowdy, randy killer of a record coming from Vue in September. I have heard it and it’s pretty super good.
And Hey, guess what? THE BEACHWOOD SPARKS will be opening most dates on an up-coming Black Crowes tour, which begins in Fargo, ND on August 26. The two bands will be hauling the Christmas lights and old Persian rugs to only a select number of the shows. I’m kidding of course.

That’s me, big kidder. It’s back to fighting the worm for me, so bye to you losers! Annnaw@subpop.com