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TRAFFIC OF SUB POP: February 2001

This Month: The Shins of My Big Chalk Heart.

February is typically a real sleeper around these parts. A sandwich can quickly become the
highlight of my day. Really, a perfect sandwich is something I appreciate. I appreciate a
sandwich and also a check from the IRS. A sammie, a check from the IRS and a car that goes
into reverse would be a banner day for yours truly. Anyway, the only thing I can think of
to mumble about is Valentines Day, which is a swell day indeed but nothing to get waxy about,
to be sure. Those little verbose candy hearts make me choke and gag.
This month as I mentioned very recently, nothing much going on around here. But may I tell
you about the seven-inch singles? Why not!
THE SHINS are a recent acquisition here at
Sub Pop and I really love them and I would tell you more, but I really don’t know much
more. Basically the single “New Slang” will hit you February 20, and you will want to have
it for your very own to hold tightly against your chest.
…For extra special bonus points, the singles club single for February is none other than
JONATHAN RICHMAN, which you will have in your hot mitts if you’re a member.
Question: just out of curiosity, I would like to know if literally NO ONE ever called
Pablo Picasso an asshole. What are the odds actually, of a person making it through an
entire lifetime as a lecherous eccentric, without being called an asshole in any language
even just once? Some insight on this would be good.
In the fancier news items:
MARK LANEGAN is planning to
embark upon his first ever national tour in support of the new record due out May 8,
courtesy of your fave label uuuuuuuuhhhh Sub Pop! The new record is called Field Songs
and I’ve heard it and you have not. Neh-heh. It’s a rock record. Mr. L was here in the
office last week, being all tall and smooth and so forth, and we had secret sexy, gossipy
conversations that I am not at liberty to discuss with you! Also making an office appearance
yesterday, brit-journalist MR. EVERETT TRUE (or Jevrette as we like to call him). If you
were high every day in Sub Pop 101, you may have forgotten the whole story so here is the
wrap-up: Everett wrote a story about Sub Pop for Melody Maker Magazine just during the
“Seattle sound” explosion. So Everett, bless his limey heart, is responsible for starting
the buzz on a euro-trash level, contributing to all the fancy-ass hootenanny that
consequently ensued. Anyway, yesterday after a lively, sometime indecipherable chat,
I accused him of opportunistically whipping out his cockney and then we pointed him
towards the bus stop and gave him a push. Lovely man.
Sub pop just signed THE RED HOUSE PAINTERS, and the band will play the first show since
1997 at SXSW. Yep, according to this bit of scratch paper stuck to my shoe, The SXSW
Sub Pop showcase happens March 17 at Emos, featuring (in addition to the Red House
Painters, The Shins, ARLO,
THE GO, Mark Lanegan,
THE BLACK HALOS. Nebula have added Ian Ross (from Roadsaw)
to the touring line-up so now there are four where once there were one less than four,
that being one more than two, which is three. Nebula is the only SP band touring in
February, so if you happen to have a car that does actually offer the reverse gear,
you might want to back out of your drive and head out to see them. Item! According
to a nice review of Arlo’s new record Up High In the Night at the Aversion.com site,
the band is “…relevant in the new millennium.” Phew! Being irrelevant for a thousand
years would kind of suck. There you are as you flop around being extraneous.

Thanks to the band Manatee for sending me a xerox copy of their tour schedule all the
way from bloody England. I can’t make any of those shows incidentally, for I have no
passport and last time I checked I had 15 cents and a postage stamp. TREMBLING BLUE
STARS have announced a pair of long awaited concert
dates for the states: March 17 at Brownies at New York and March 18 at Metro Café in
Washington D.C. with Barcelona and The Ocean Blue. So there.

Well that’s it valentines: short and sweet like a poodlepants midget. See you in March.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson