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TRAFFIC IN SUB POP CITY: May 2001 edition

With Anna Woolverton, the champagne of beers.

MAY I ask you this one question? MAY I? Have you ever seen a more merry month of MAY?
Have you? Okay, enough stalling, I have no opening inspiration. It’s been suggested
that I open with the very controversial topic of
Calvin Johnson being listed on
This is some fancy news to be sure, but really, do I care? I couldn’t even FIND
that site, and when you type anything in to a search engine that can be even remotely
associated with smut, then you get flash after flash of naked teenagers doing things
amongst themselves and with a variety of accessories. This I really don’t need to see,
and I hold Calvin Johnson directly responsible.

Boy of the year and the month of May, and all additional months is, of course,
Please, all the earthy girls just stop screaming. Many of you have been harassing me about
tour-dates, so I will tell you that tentatively (SAY IT OUTLOUD… ‘TENTATIVELY’), dates
in July are set for: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, San Juan
Capistrano, San Diego, Albuquerque, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland,
Hoboken, Cambridge, Philly, NYC and DC, in addition to some especially unconfirmed
dates in the deep south. Opening for Lanegan will be Chris Connelly and Bill Rieflin.
But please don’t pee your panties until these dates are abso-looteously confirmed in
the most final fashion, and consult your local ticket agency (or rather, harass them,
not me) for ticket availability. Okay, now all you Lanegan fans who normally hate my
column – you may go. I just want to say before you leave however, that I’ve talked
about sandwiches with the guy, which is a lot more than you can say. So Neh!

Mr. Lanegan will be hitting the highway on the occasion of his new album on Sub Pop
Records called Field Songs, which hits the streets May 8. Right now I am listening
to the CD and fondling it’s pretty case with my hot little paws… jealous much? This
song is called “Pill Hill Serenade,” which sings my tune for I spend every third
Thursday on that very hill. It’s just these little personal touches you’ve come to
love in the Traffic Report isn’t it? ISN’T IT? The rumors are true, Mark is working
with THE QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, lending his ashtray chords
to a handful of songs, as well as popping off to the UK for some concert appearances.
After this Mark will continue to collaborate with his new partner Greg Dulli on a not
yet named new band. So now I’m done with my scenester pontification bit. If you haven’t
already slobbered up the news on Mark Lanegan, or if you want to know what all the
slobbering is about, please do visit the site

Also out on Sub Pop in May, THE RAPTURE, Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks, an
action-packed CD-EP coming your way May 22. The band was formed (can you tell, I’m
reading the press sheet) in the spring of ’98 by Vito Roccoforte and Luke Jenner,
who were joined recently by Matt Safer. Together with a keen ear toward visionaries
such as PIL, Television, Chrome, and the Happy Mondays, the Rapture has formed a
reputation for energetic, chaotic live sets of sonic deathfuck groove. I’m not sure
exactly what sonic deathfuck groove is, but if it’s anything like electric boogaloo –
I like it! (I’m beginning to sound like Ed Sullivan. It’s a reflection on my sad
state of affairs.)

Rumor has it that Sub Pop’s newest darlings
THE SHINS will be opening a
few east-coast dates for
the wave of fantastic press the RHP Old Ramon record is getting, I asked Mark Kozelek
to comment via telephone on the success of this album that spent so long on the shelf.
He said “Is Tony there?” This reply can mean only one thing, I am not saying the
questions out loud again. This problem has come up before. The Shins Oh, Inverted
World CD is killing everyone with brilliance, despite there being only advance copies
of the June-scheduled releases available. The Shins played the Sub Pop 13th Annual
Anniversary show along with STEVE FISK,
some numbers and was joined by
amazing stuff that made me need more drinks and also a cigarette. Suffice it to say
that when those two work together it’s mind-blowing. Pleasure Forever were fantastic,
as was Damien Jurado and his full-on band. But the Shins…Oh, the Shins! You should
have been there you know.

So what do you think about AOL and Time Warner launching their own music video cable
channel, which most likely will be announced in the form of a Super Bowl commercial?
Huh? Huh? I have apprehension if you don’t mind me saying so.

played a critically acclaimed New York show and I-Huei Go of the Village Voice had
this to say:

“File in your mental record store under “B,” for Buffalo Springfield, Burrito Brothers
and Byrds. Beachwood Sparks may consistently call upon Gram Parsons and Roger McGuinn
for country-rock chord changes, electric 12-string jangle, and vocal harmonies, but
they also rely as much on the spaced-out moodiness of David Roback and later Big Star
for atmosphere."

And I could not have said it better myself. In other news, Sub Pop is releasing
RADIO BIRDMAN The Essential Radio
Birdman (1976-1978) to the hungry masses in July. Needless to say we are awfully
excited about this because just on the off chance you do not know it, Radio Birdman
are the champions of all time. April 21 marked the wedding day for
MAKERS manager Mr. Vic Mostly,
who married Kerry Montana atop the historic Smith Tower in Seattle. Congratulations
you two, and many happy returns.
ZEN GUERRILLA are playing
Garage Shock in Austin, TX over the Memorial Day weekend. You should take in the
scene there at least once in a lifetime, advisedly before you hit the age when a
hangover can kill you. NEBULA was again
hyped in NME, and word is the band is a John Peel favorite, so put that in your
leftover Blue Rags pipe and smoke it!
THE BLACK HALOS are planning a
European tour for June, and some dates on the Warped tour for July.
VUE have a song coming
out on the soundtrack for The Sopranos, the HBO show that everyone but me has
seen at least once. The song… you guessed it, “Girl.”

Well, this girl is going now. Until June I bid you so long, suckers. Annaw@subpop.com

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson