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TRAFFIC IN SUB POP CITY: December 2000 edition. With Anna Woolverton, Queen of the Cool Whip cooking

THIS MONTH: The Dingo Ate My Baby!

Oh December, it’s so bloody BORING. Nothing is currently happening rapidly around Sub Pop World Headquarters.
Such is this industry at this time of year. In December people who work for record companies can often be found
drooling over their mousepads in a deep carbohydrate coma. It’s the hustlers of the company hit the hardest,
because their time to turn-on and promote and shine the bald spots of radio programmers and magazine editors
has kind of passed as far as the exploitation of holidays are concerned. People live for emails, leave shamelessly
early, and throw stuff at each other over the office partitions. Pretty soon the atrophy develops into a full
blown lack of inspiration, and even the little work needing to be done goes untouched. If someone receives
curious loot in the mail and aren’t here to open it, everyone stands around and pokes at the thing like the
monkeys at the monolith. It’s actually kind of sweet in a stupid way. So anyway, now of course it all makes
absolute perfect sense to you.

WHITE STRIPES has a December 7” single for you Singles Club
Subscribers called “Party of Special Things to Do.” Please do check into subscribing to the Sub Pop Singles
Club if you aren’t already a member. It’s fun and also exciting. The Sub Pop Singles Club has been known to
make people more socially redeeming as well.

up dust everywhere. It’s nice to be making new friends with the people who wouldn’t look sideways at us before
we associated ourselves with “the Boss.” For anyone planning to visit one of our indigenous angry hippies in the
Northwest upon the occasion of the WTO riots, stick around for a record release concert and celebration for the
Badlands record on December 8, at the University of Washington HUB Ballroom. Playing the show will be AIMEE MANN,
on being there with bells on… but not the kind smuggled out of Peru.

Also making a rare live appearance, STEVE FISK will be performing with SHAWN SMITH as
December 19 at the Showbox. Mr. Fisk
has a new record on the horizon as well, look for the album 999 Levels of Undo, available from Sub
Pop March 6. ZEN GUERRILLA and
plan to ring in the New Year December 31 at Seattle’s OK Hotel. If you don’t mind me adding a personal note,
oddly enough I picked out a husband at the OK Hotel about 11 years ago, and I haven’t been Okay since,
yet happily so I must say. I don’t know how good the husband selection IS at the OK Hotel these days
and I may have grabbed the last good one, but you can give it a shot if you’re so inclined.

LOVE AS LAUGHTER had a great though slightly itchy-scratchy
time in Europe throughout November, Zeke Howard – taking leave from his day job in the sales department
- sent along this nice email:
“Zeke here, in Geneva. Our first two shows were fucking great. Our show in Turin got canceled because
the club burned down. I guess we can’t really argue with that excuse. Our bus is called STAR LINE with
the slogan ‘RIDING TO THE RHYTHM’ painted on the back. It’s great! Plus the VCR player came with a
copy of ‘Groundhogs Day’ starring Bill Murray. Doesn’t really get better than that.”

I would like to add that NO, it definitely does not get better than that, unless you also have some pixie sticks
and a forty. Sub Pop has signed THE SHINS, a terrific new band! Look for a teaser 7” single available in
February. NEBULA just finished a record with producer John Agnello,
and just completed a tour of Australia, where Eddie Glass was temporarily carried off by a dingo
but we traded him for a lambchop and all is again right with the world.
Nebula will be flown courtesy of Kerrang Magazine to the UK for the big media-sponsored holiday bash along
with THE HELLACOPTERS. Festive! THE BLACK HALOS recently turned in their new
record due out on Sub Pop in March and it is called The Violent Years. Yikes! The beautiful Ms. HEATHER DUBY
is currently working on a new EP, and if you
happen to be in Portland, Oregon on December 16, be sure and see the super special show with MUDHONEY
at the Pine Street Theater. Hurray!

Well, have a very nice final month of the year 2000, and have happy holidays however you chose to
celebrate them. We at Sub Pop are deeply honored to have you as a credit card bearing customer, and
it’s because of you that we are able to buy the new copy machine that can staple stuff. See you next
year! Love, – Annaw@subpop.com.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson