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TRAFFIC IN SUB POP CITY: April 2001 edition

With Anna Woolverton, who is over the hill.


How’s it going you damn dirty apes? I’m listening to the new Sub Pop distributed
Crash Rawk Records compilation called Is It Dead? This little melodic ditty could
be any number of ten hits by the likes of Botch, Teen Cthulhu, Bloodhag,
Hexidecimal,or another northwest hardcore band. Someone needs a lozenge,
needless to say. However I find myself slightly inspired and somewhat alarmed
in a pleasing way, and although I poked at it I have yet to determine if it
is indeed dead. If you would like to inquire about this romantic stinky punk
record, please email isitdeadpress@yahoo.com

Here in Sub Pop land we are celebrating NEBULA,
this month’s giggly poster band. The record, called Charged, will be available
to you the consumer April 10. Would you like to know very much what says the
press release?

“Nebula are pure guitar-driven rock of the 21st century. Rising from the streets
of Los Angeles, Nebula are the culmination of their rock forebears, such as Jimi
Hendrix, MC5, Stooges, Pink Floyd, 13th Floor Elevators, Black Flag and Mudhoney,
taken to the sonic level that it is today.”

Or you can think of Nebula as raw and scummy music for wooing your skoobie
over a doobie. Truly it’s the hot and bothered album of the year. The band
is currently in Europe, but U.S. tours in support of Charged will begin in
late May and continue through the summer. Stay tuned for announcements on
those show dates, won’t you?

Also in the pageant of apes this month,
release of their long awaited, unadulterated Old Ramon record on April
10. This is the record meow meow recorded in the fall of ’97 through
the spring of ’98 meow. The record was lost meow during one of those
giant major-label purges that leaves musicians with mreow fffffftttttt
dishwashing jobs. So while Old Ramon sat on a shelf, singer Mark Kozelek
played a musician on the big screen (which came easily, being meow that
he is one) in the movie Almost Famous, as well meow as participating in
many other very good projects, including Take Me Home: A Tribute to John
Denver, and his role as archivist for the 4AD Red House Painters
Retrospective album, meow meow. Meow meow mrow mreow mew mew! Currently
there are confirmed RHP dates overseas in Dublin and London, as well as
a handful of Kozelek solo shows in the states. Tentatively a tour of the
states for Red House Painters will begin in June. As always, I invite you
to check out the tour dates on the site for more information.

April 24 marks the date for the 7” and CD-single Sub Pop releases from
INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY. The band is touring in April with
Rocket from the Crypt. Reports from those in the know assure us that
limited east-coast dates last month were a huge success,
short of the band losing a car and also Bob’s voice. MARK
LANEGAN’S first-ever national tour is coming in July. Lanegan
will be backed by Mike Johnson, Jimmy Shields, Bill Rieflin
and Wendy Fowler. While Mark is away I plan to build a swimming
pool shaped like an ashtray and float around in it dressed like
a Marlboro Red. DAMON & NAOMI
are playing the Noise Pop Chicago festival,
May 9th through May 13, along with the likes of Yo La Tengo,
Guided By Voices, Creeper Lagoon and Neko Case. If you went to
the West Coast Noise Pop you already know what a damn-honey of a
fab time you can expect.

I’m sure like me, you ran outside and tried to catch raindrops on
your tongue when you heard that COURTNEY LOVE
is having another band and calling it BASTARD, featuring former members of
Hole, Veruca Salt and Rockit Girl. The new record will be on Epitaph thank
heavens, where hopefully they have the proper facilities to handle such

If you are so inclined to visit the most exciting EXPERIENCE MUSIC
PROJECT’S Liquid Lounge, the fantastic Mr.
STEVE FISK will be performing April 6.
Rumor has it that Mr. Shawn Smith may join him, and it’s free to the public
so there you are. Be sure and check out Steve’s new album 999 Levels of Undo.
If you are so inclined to mind the gap,
BEACHWOOD SPARKS plan to headline
the Garage in London April 17, as well as an additional UK show to be announced.
THE BLACK HALOS are doing some
tippy-toeing all over the Canadian commercial radio charts. Rollingstone.com said:

While pantywaists like Buckcherry may claim the loud and crude rock & roll lifestyle,
Vancouver’s The Black Halos are living it. On their full-length Sub Pop debut,
these five scruffy young men rouse the spirits of surly bands like the New York
Dolls and Hanoi Rocks, turning out an undignified gutter punk and metal hybrid that
is curiously hard to resist.

The band recently caught a thief in their van, and after they gauged out his
eyeballs they tied him to the top of the van and drove through a car wash, and
then they gave him a wedgie. But then they bought him a sports drink because
the thief was utterly dehydrated. Actually I made all that up, except for the
part about the thief in the van. Speaking of auto-related violence,
apparently quite impolite to some children at a show In San Jose, causing
several of the pissy kiddies to post disagreeable quotes on the Sub Pop
message board, and allegedly others stabbed the tires on the band’s tour
van. My response to this news item is highly scientific so try and stay with me:
Monkeys grooming monkeys.

PLEASURE FOREVER enjoy a good flea-pick. You may remember
the trio as SLAVES, but let me just say that Pleasure Forever is the musical
embodiment of that orgone enigma of human will and desire. In other words –
they’re heathens with all kinds of moist, sadistic ideas, plus a piano, guitar and
some drums. Look for their self-titled album due out from Sub Pop in June.
Lastly, THE SHINS are
the next big thing and currently my (and who is more important than me really?)
favorite band. If you saw them with MODEST MOUSE last year on tour you probably
loved them then. Now you can love them all over again with the forthcoming new
album ‘Oh Inverted World’, coming your way in June.

Well that’s all I got. Be certain you take your man van to any one of the
fantastical shows we have lined up throughout the month of apes.
ARLO, Black Halos, Nebula,
Pleasure Forever, International Noise Conspiracy and RAPTURE. Goodbye
to you! Annaw@subpop.com

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson