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Subject: Wolf Eyes at CoachellaHey,This is totally random and I’m sending here because I couldn’t find a contact for Wolf Eyes, so feel free to pass it along, have a laugh, whatever.Big fan of Wolf Eyes. Wolf Eyes at Coachella…Possibly the most out of context thing I’ve seen in awhile. Watching them perform with 5 brightly lit palm trees swaying in the background…sure. But awesome nonetheless.Anyway, so I’m watching them play. Prodigy is playing 2 tents over so a lot of people are coming in the tent and realizing it’s not Prodigy then moving on. This young clubbed out/raver girl comes in and stands beside me. Her eyes are all bugged out, clearly fucked out of her head, and she looks terrified. She’s staring at the stage, hands clasped to her chest, looking like she’s having trouble breathing. After about 15 minutes of this I decide to ask her if she’s okay, and was going to suggest that if she’s that fucked up she may not want to be in the way of the noise assault coming from stage. She turns to me and in the most cautious and terrified voice I’ve ever heard she asks “Is this The Prodigy?”. After directing her to the proper tent she set off. But I laughed for hours at what those 15 minutes were in her head. Was she trying to figure out if that was actually Firestarter under all that noise? Was she wondering where the guy with the funny hair do had gotten to. And how terrifying would Wolf Eyes sound if you were that fucked and didn’t know what you stumbled onto. Hell I remember seeing Diamanda Galas do Plague Mass highon acid and I thought I knew what I was getting into.Anyway, that was a great way to end the weekend.Jeff

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