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Thanks For Playing: October-ocity.

Hi, it’s thanks for playing time once again. I better close out the Lord of the Rings “Return of the King” trailer or else I’ll never get this thing written…alright, closed, now let’s get crackin’. We’ve got piles of things to talk about in my absolute favorite month of the year…

Hey recording industry! It’s time to fly half your label’s staff to NYC so they can see a million bands and get wasted every night all courtesy of the ‘ol expense account. (Isn’t that how you all do it?) So, look out New York, our own Jed “America’s Guest” Maheu is looking to one-up his notorious performance at SXSW this year, lock up your daughters…you’ve been warned.
In addition to the inevitable antics our alcohol loving staff will undoubtedly provide, we have a pretty smokin’ showcase to further entertain you masses:
Saturday October 25th @ The Bowery Ballroom in NYC.
Sub Pop presents:
  The Shins
  The Thermals
  Michael Yonkers
  All Night Radio
Tickets for this event go on sale 10/8…get in line now, bring a tent. Click here to see our fancy postcard.
(If you’d like to meet our general manager, just find the woman screaming about her genitals at the top of her lungs during any quiet point of this showcase. Introduce yourself, her name’s Megan, and she’s very available.)

MAKE NOTE! This is a rare live appearance for Michael Yonkers – he
doesn’t play often even in his hometown of Minneapolis; far less
frequently outside of it. And, his band for this show will consist of
Sub Pop’s own Jed “America’s Guest” Maheu and Dean “Gullberry” Whitmore.

Also happening in NYC that week:

10/21 @ 7:00 pm – The Shins will be playing a free in-store at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ.
10/22 – The Shins and All Night Radio at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ (SOLD
10/23 @ 6:00 pm – The Shins will be doing a free in-store at the Virgin Records in Union Square.
10/23 – All Night Radio will be playing an ASCAP cocktail party during CMJ at:
Lit 93 2nd Ave. (btwn 5th and 6th streets), 7 pm
10/25 – The Thermals will be playing at the AAM party at the Knitting Factory during the day (exact time TBA).
10/25 – the Constantines are playing the Suicide Squeeze party at Piano’s during the day (exact time also TBA).

AND! The Shins will be hosting the “Subterranean” video program on the MTV2 Friday, 10/24!

Oh yeah, sorry about me “forgetting” to write a September edition, I’m sure you were all heart-broken. Actually, I think the only people that read these things are my family members. They just think it’s cool that non-police report stuff shows up when you Google search my name. But, I swear I didn’t “forget” to write it…Our webmaster, Dean “I was just in a play and didn’t tell anyone at work for fear of getting totally ripped on, but I also know that Zach plays with pewter figurines while talking in funny voices” Hudson must’ve reminded me 50 times… I just got so damned busy over here and I couldn’t muster the time or brain power to forge such a masterpiece.

That’s right, humans: we’re completely blowin’ up over here! This fall will see Sub Pop celebrating the biggest boom of business since grunge! We’ll all be thinking of you, the people that make it happen, when we’re racing each other around the Puget Sound in our gold-plated speedboats paid for by the piles of money we’ll be counting when all these releases hit your hot little hands:

October 7th:
Kinski/Acid Mothers Temple – split CD, 2XLP

You are psyched. This month we’re releasing a limited-edition split with our beloved sonic sculptors, Kinski, and the bong-rattling Japanese psych masters Acid Mothers Temple.
The record features one track by Kinski, one by Acid Mothers Temple, and two tracks of both bands jamming together for dear life. All tracks are exclusive to this release.

Limited you say? You know it. Only 5000 CD’s and 1000 double-LPs are going out these here doors.

Click here to order your copy (sadly, my suggested pre-order incentive of Kinski door beads and an Acid Mothers Temple bean-bag chair was shot down…something about a ‘budget’, oh well, I tried…): http://www.subpop.com/scripts/main/catalog.php?cat=true&display_type=merch&bandname=Kinski

October 21st:
The Shins- Chutes Too Narrow CD, LP

You can’t touch this. Do I even need to write about this band!? Who DOESN’T know about the Shins by now, and who ISN’T already chomping at the bit to get their hands on this record?! Even our boy Jack Black was spotted wearing a Shins shirt at a White Stripes show just last week…that’s the big leagues, people.

Instead of layin’ all the facts on you, I’ll just assure you that it’s as good as you’re hoping it is, perhaps even better. If you’re REALLY dying to hear it, stop by the Sub Pop offices and walk down the main hallway at any time of the day and you’ll hear it (or “Hey Ya”) blasting from at least one office.

Click here to pre-order your copy (you get free buttons and posters, hot):

Here’s a quick reminder of the Zep-tember releases you may have missed, complete with links for learning/listening/buying purposes…

Iron and Wine “The Sea and the Rhythm” CDEP

The Shins “So Says I” CD single

Rosie Thomas “Only With Laughter Can You Win” CD

In November, get pumped up for:
Sub Pop Video Network 1 DVD,
David Cross “Let America Laugh” DVD
All Night Radio (which is Farmer Dave and Jimi Hey from Beachwood Sparks) “All Night Radio Fix” b/w “Flying Radio Bat Factory” 12”

Only get up to get down-


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