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The sun is shining hard, team quad-four a.k.a. TQ4 (Andy, Zach, and Dean’s office space) have officially broken out the Beach Boys LPs (and other equally groovy late ’60s west coast records), Jed’s been spotted shirtless at a party, and Steve’s got shorts on (oh wait, that’s all the time)…what can this all possibly mean? The answer, my friends, is that spring has officially sprung in Seattle, Washington. It’s April, the windows are DOWN and the thumbs are UP! (Especially when cruising around in our hideously painted Sub Pop van, a.k.a. The Grunge Mobile, getting getting the bird from beer-punks.)

Here I go, fully prepared to hip you to all things Sub Pop for the first month of spring.

First order of business is all about the Fruit Bats. On April 8th Sub Pop unleashes Mouthfuls. The second full-length (first with Sub Pop) from the hottest Chicago band since, umm… Chicago! (Don’t step dude, “25 or 6 to 4”?…that song has more hooks than a tackle box!) Anyway, the Fruit Bats are the song writing force of Eric Johnson (former member of another one of our favorite Chicago bands, Califone, and touring member of Ugly Casanova) and Gillian Lisee. With Brian Deck masterfully twirling the knobs, the band has created the ULTIMATE summer time jam chock full of perfect poppy love songs that would make even the coldest of hearts fall flat on their face in love. Here’s what my grandma had to say:

“Fruit Bats….I like them a lot…it sure would be welcome if this type of music became a trend…however their name is misleading…Fruit Bats….Mouthfuls…sounds like Punk…it’s a fun title though….but I didn’t expect those wonderful harmonies and easy gliding rhythms….I’ve got circuit overload here…haven’t had enough time to let it soak in…I’ll get back to you….Thanks for sending it to me…love Nana”

HA! My Grandma thinks the name is punk, awesome!
You can pre-order this fine piece HERE.

And dig some of the groovy rhythms here:

A Bit of Wind
From Mouthfuls
[MP3 3.91m]

Slipping through the Sensors
From Mouthfuls
[MP3 4.47m]

I know we mentioned this in the last update…but look how fucking cute Dean (our direct sales lackey) and Emily’s baby is!!!

Our voices are starting to crack and we’ve been noticing strange hair growing in our “bathing suit” areas because Sub Pop Records is about to turn 15!

What better way to throw down than to invite some of our bands and all the general public to blow the roof off Seattle’s Crocodile Café?

This year’s clambake will take place on Sunday, April 27th and will feature The Constantines, The Thermals, Kinski and a combined set from superstars James Mercer (from The Shins), Sam Beam (from Iron & Wine), and Rosie Thomas (from Detroit, MI…). Just like last year, this year’s party will benefit our friends at The Vera Project (http://www.theveraproject.org/). Sub Pop Records: 1988-2003: Celebrating Ten Years of Great Records.

Whoa, what’s up with TOURFEST 2003!?! We have TONS of shows for you dudes in the next few months. Packing up the van and coming to your town are: The Baptist Generals, Kinski, The Postal Service, Jason Loewenstein, Holopaw, Hot Hot Heat, The Thermals, Fruit Bats, and more!
Check this out for more info click over to our tour page!

Stick around people, we’ll have more news next month about new records from: Murder City Devils (live), Michael Yonkers (this re-issue will blow your mind!), Pleasure Forever (catalog # SP 666, need we say more?), The Constantines (still recovering from them SLAYING at SXSW)&and some other sweet surprises&

Mad Love-



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