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SUB POP TRAFFIC REPORT: January 2001 edition

THIS MONTH: Ends, beginnings and the stuff that comes up in-between

I learned something just in time for the end of the year. Don’t eat anything you aren’t willing
to throw up later. And, just shut your eyes, unlock your jaw – and let it happen. You can flush
afterwards without looking. I think those rules may apply elsewhere too, so please do use this
advice freely won’t you?

Without further…em….speaking stupidly, please allow me to paste in the press biography of this
month’s band at hand: ARLO.

Based in LA, Arlo has been playing in one form or another for six years. Vocalist/guitar players
Nate Greely and Sean Spillane met in college and a mutual love of pot blossomed into a rock band
called Otto. The boys listened to a lot of Pixies, Guided By Voices, Stones and The Who and played
just about every club in L.A. In the process, they went through three rhythm sections and put out
a split 7’’ on the Glimmerfed record label. Several years later they hooked up with their old
friends Soup and Shmedley, front men for LA band Holliston Stops. Upon joining Otto, Soup
switched to drums and Shmed moved to bass guitar. They renamed the band Arlo after the sound
man at their favorite club, Mr. T’s Bowl (and released a 7’’ on Sub Pop in October 2000 featuring
“Sittin’ On the Aces” and “Skyscraper”). Their hobbies include oyster shucking and cannibalism,
and when they drink Welch’s grape soda they poop green (really – try it yourself at home!).

Up High In The Night is their first album (and the title springs more from an abiding affection
for the works of e.e. cummings, than the aforementioned fondness for pot…). They recorded it in
their home studio between November ‘99 and August ‘00 when they weren’t working their day jobs
or sleeping. They enlisted the help of their friend Ben Vaughn to mix the album. An accomplished
musician and producer, Ben has many of his own albums out, produced Ween’s 12 Country Golden
Greats (among many others), and writes and produces the music for TV’s “3rd Rock from the Sun”
and “That ‘70’s Show.” Engineer Mark Linett also helped mix and, among his many credits, has
worked with Jane’s Addiction and the Beach Boys.

And there it is. If you happen to be choking in Los Angeles, or planning to be in the near
future, please do check out Arlo at Spaceland every Monday in January. We’re calling the
15th the official record release party.

Another very exciting release here at Sub Pop in January is
THE MAKERS new seven inch single “Tiger of the Night” backed with “Miss Fay Regrets.”
The latter song is a cover borrowed from the band The Pretty Things. I am glad this little
Makers record is finally on it’s way because since it’s been the subject of discussion around
here, people have been walking around belting out “Taco of the niggggghhhhht” at each other.
Being of sound mind, it took me a million minutes to figure that one out as something raunchy.
I just thought about the concept of getting up at 3 a.m. to vomit something from Taco Bell,
and so really, there is no good way to think about that little joke. Everywhere you look it’s
going to be disgusting. But the record, well sir, the record is superfine! The Makers are
playing New Years Eve here in Seattle at the OK Hotel, along with

THE BLACK HALOS have a record coming on March 13 in Canada, and
March 20 for the USA; NEBULA are opening all
January dates for the re-formed MUDHONEY
tour; and THE YO-Yos just finished a triumphant
UK tour and are heading to Spain, which people seem to do historically, after triumphing.
The Yo-yos recently completed shooting their second video for the song “Sunshine Girl,”
which will be released as a single in Europe on February 5. The fabulous LOVE AS LAUGHTER
will be starting support dates with Black Heart
Procession at the end of January and into February, which I might add is a nice way to
celebrate Valentines Day. The debonair Mr.
MARK LANEGAN record is finished,
which makes me pee my pants if you don’t mind me saying so.

Happy January! May your vomit always be most minty! Annaw@subpop.com

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson