TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


We’re elated to add Seattle’s A-Frames to our lovely li’l family, and we plan to offer you, our buddy, a new full-length from the band this spring! We here in the Northwest have been pooping our dirty pants over this angular-as-hell r-o-c-k trio, but for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have been exposed to our friends before, might I offer you some quips from local scribes?"With their somberly mechanized, painfully smart art punk sound, A-Frames often fall into the dark sonic corner that houses such luminaries as the Fall, Wire, and Joy Division. A-Frames drummer Lars Finberg claims the best description he’s heard of their sound is “if God were a robot and drunk,” but to complete the picture you should imagine this supreme musical deity jerking across the dance floor to a beautifully angular set of beats."—The Stranger
“When you’re not sure if you’re crazy or a genius, a lost cause or a pretty geek. When pop doesn’t break enough windows for you, when punk breaks too many. When rock ‘n’ roll seems stupid and hopelessly weak. When drumbeats are like data codes, when guitars sing like robots, when bass lines are porn stars. When you predict the future and it comes true. When you’re a formula, when you’re a freak. When you find yourself inside a piece of 180 gram vinyl, when you’re partially dismantled but also complete. When you dream of the division of joy, when you dance to the bombs in your brain, when the only thing that makes you feel normal are the PiLs you take—this is the record playing in the background. This is the endless loop.”—Seattle Weekly

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson