TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Just for the record, the A-Frames are neither Grunge nor Canadian. But this cracked all the suits here at work right up. From the site:The A-Frames: Jonathan Poneman, Bored, Bound-and-Hagged, Reintroduces Grunge to New Generation, Doesn’t Call it “nu-Grunge” But Mister Joseph Sure Does

Grunge is coming back! Sub Pop’s the one responsible, too! I guess they got a bit nostalgic or something when Poneman was watching the DVD of his old-skool vintage Grunge videos. (Man, “In Bloom” is fuckin’ HOTT!) But Poneman is being all slick about it. Now, see, Poneman’s no cob nobbler — he knows the trends, and so he’s gotten all crafty. He knows the harsh realm is that kids won’t buy the Sabbath-heavy riffs of the past and they don’t dig long-haired dudes in the wack slacks like they used to; that’s music for burnouts and lamestains! As such, he realizes he’s got to play around a bit, find a band that’s total Grunge yet sounds totally modern in a way that the fans target demographic, er, kids will appreciate! He’s scored a real dish, and Canadian, too! The A-Frames.

On March 22nd, the world will be torn asunder by Black Forest, a record whose cover and attitude obtains a level of blackness not seen since Bleach. Dude, man, the shit sounds like the weird bastardization of Joy Division meeting Tad, New Order meeting Cat Butt, and Nirvana meeting Nirvana. But hey, don’t take my word for it, if you’re in the Austin, Texas, Sub Pop invites you to come see for yourself. That’s right, you can be swingin’ on the flippity-flop with A-Frames and Poneman and other big bags of blotation. You can come see ‘em live with the current Sub Pop acts on March 16th, at Emo’s. Rock on, losers!

09:00 — Jennifer Gentle
10:00 — A-Frames
11:00 — The Thermals
12:00 — The Album Leaf
01:00 — Sleater-Kinney

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson