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From: (anonymous)
Sent: Friday, May 28, 2004 9:37 AM
To: info@subpop.com
Subject: Shins concert-read THIS one

The Shins played in Denver for 45 minutes, then left the stage.
They made the crowd cheer them back to stage (as if they deserved
applause for playing a 45-minute show), and they came back for
another 20. Now I LOVE their music, but that is LAME.

Everyone I was near in the audience was very disappointed in the
length of their show. I had driven four hours (from Aspen to Denver)
to see that concert. I have introduced a multitude of friends to
their music and have talked them up incessantly for two and a half
years now. I dragged two friends across the state of Colorado to
see this band that I had been preaching about, and that’s what they
saw. I tried to find an e-mail address on their website, and there
was none. So, naturally, I called the label, you guys, to see if
they do have a general e-mail address that people can use. Jed,
who returned my call, quite self-righteously told me he only called
me back because the folks over at Sub Pop thought it was “weird” that
I would call them to get the Shins’ e-mail address and share my comments.

Way to go guys— the band and the label. Sub Pop, you are not Virgin
Records—had you been, I wouldn’t have bothered even calling. The Shins,
this is Independent Rock, and in Indie music, what you’ve got that most
important is your fan base. If you stand your fans up at a show, you suck.
If you play a meak hour-and-ten-minute concert, you’re going to piss
your fans off. I would think that a band like the Shins would treat
their audience well, and that its label, SubPop, wouldn’t be a bunch
of wannabe hipster pricks who think they are way too cool for their
own good and could give a shit about the bands they represent and its fans.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson