TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Yep, sadly Sub Pop is closing the old Seattle Mega Mart, circa 1992-ish. For a long time the Mega Mart was across the street from the old Sub Pop offices. It was fun to go over there and rifle through stuff and generally make some trouble. When former popper Kerri Harrop (DJ Cherry Canoe to you) managed the store it was particularly fun to see the promotions she thunk up with her pretty head. I like to remember the Kerri years as the “pink faux fur period” in the Mega Mart’s history. The wall of fame became a site-seeing destination eventually, with Poloroids of big and little and shiny and not-so-shiny, and – let’s face it – sometimes shitfaced drunk celebrities. The store moved over to the Pike Place Market location, I think when the former landlords thought something “un-catholic” might be going on there on 2nd avenue. There was more room in the market, and a sandwich or a squid flambé was merely 10 feet away should you need to do more than shop for the finest high-fi recordings.
Alas, things change and the Mega Mart shop is no more, so treasure those memories skippy. Hey, why don’t you make a scrap book? When I asked Sub Pop founder and C.E.O. Jonathan Poneman if he had any parting words for the Mega Mart he said “Later.”

Bye Mega Mart!
(We’re keeping the www.subpop.com store open, naturally.)


Posted by Harry Dean Hudson