TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM

Sidewalk: MOB RULES

Evidently, Seattle is the new hot spot for merry mobs of idiotic thugs.
Ever since the World Trade Organization Convention riots, mob rule seems
to rear it’s moronic head all the time around here. If it wasn’t already
completely futile and boring to go round under a tarp barking multi-faceted
declarations at police officers, along with the debauchery, there always
seem to be some chicks with their big swinging breasts standing aimlessly
with their shirts hiked up. (Aside from all the other obvious questions,
I just have to wonder what to do with that – are these women waiting for
someone to come along and tweak one? I just don’t know.) Anyway, so we’ve
had our riots. We had the regular 10% of people during WTO who actually
wanted to be peacefully condescending and well-intentioned within the
normal framework of such activities, and the rest of the people really
wanted to fuck some shit up, man. Or just watch someone else do so.
    Well I don’t mind saying that even with the greasy bag of problems I have
to haul around, it has never occurred to me to beat the teeth out of someone
because it’s Mardi Gras and I feel festive. If I was in charge of
cosmic events of superhero proportions, the 6.8 earthquake would of
happened a few hours earlier; just about puke-time in Seattle’s historic
Pioneer Square, opening a giant crack in the square that would swallow
up all the stupid drunk people into a giant sinkhole. Our town is
starting to feel like Gotham City and we HAVE NO BATMAN!

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson