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Seems like YOU are powdering YOUR nose…

From: daniel b
Date: June 7, 2004 3:41:05 AM PDT
To: list@subpop.com
Subject: subpop rules.
You have been subscribed to the mailing list, thanks. Dudes and dudettes gee
thanx I mean I don’t know what to say I am speechless really. I mean all my life
I stuck with you guys. I am from the midwest, St. louis. But like one time I even
went to seattle to visit with my girlfriend we stayed a couple of weeks, and then
we went to spokane washington and cheney college, they so rocked up there man
do you guys know how to parteeee, and I’ll always miss the ferry boat rides up
there in seattle. We even went and visited the boyhood hometown of my rock
heroes and grunge legends “the MELVINS>” and it was cool to see were the king
B is from ya know. I even met The King B in st.louis once during there stag tour
with helmet and got buzzo to sign all my cd’s!! Dale grover was not there at the
time he was “POWDERING his nose” as the great king b himself so put it. But it
was cool he circled the tracks that Kobain played guitar in on the houdini album.
it would of been cool to meet dale to, he played drums on the bleach album. I still
rock out all the old greenriver and tad cd’s. and seaweed and the afghan whigs.
And right now as you read this there is still a subpop bumper sticker stuck to a
stopsign 10 feet from my house which has been there for about 11 years now and
even after 11 years of rain, snow , sleet and sun it still looks pretty damn good.
You guys take care now, yours truly “spacecowboy”

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson