TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Even though our General Manager, Megan Jasper, is one of the most notoriously nefarious pranksters of all time—remember this, cob nobbler?—we here at Sub Pop World HQ ™ often forget that the first day of April is in fact one of the bestest holidays of the whole year. Under-coffeed and groggy, we started the morning with the receipt of a condescending e-mail that waxed poetic about Iron and Wine being on TV (“Sam’s not doing that”, we thought.) When the e-mail said “This message is for Joan Hiller. I just want to pay tribute to you and your efforts in once again discrediting Subpop as a reputable indie label,” we just thought it was the work of another misguided lamestain. After all, there’s been a clearly disturbed dude calling the front desk phone several times a week insisting that he needs to speak to me about getting money for all the songs he wrote for In Utero and Ten,and one look at our mailbag is evidence enough that “special” correspondence is par for the course at Ye Olde SP. Then, we found this completely falsified story, and it suddenly dawned on us: it’s fucken April Fools Day.
While the rest of April, the month of makeouts and Nasonex, won’t be full of pranks, it WILL be full of the newest, hottest Love as Laughter release, Laughter’s Fifth, which comes out on the 26th and has pretty much the most schlockily awesome cover since The Thermals’ Fuckin’ A artwork of 2K4. You’ll also be able to read more scintillating communique’ re: your favoritest Sub Pop artists by checking this column for updates. Pandering To The Locals is updated weekly—did you know? Just read on, reader.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson