TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


“How in the world are you wily Sub Pop people going to enhance a piece of vinyl??” you might ask, in that justifiably incredulous tone of yours that we find so disarming.

“Simply by enclosing a CD in the LP packaging!” we would answer, in that somewhat smug way you’d find annoying in others, yet for some reason, when it’s us, comes across as more roguishly appealing.

Our purposes here are twofold:
1) We would like to provide those people who buy our records on vinyl with the same access to digital media afforded those who buy CDs or downloads.
B) We have watched with great envy as record labels we consider to be our peers have offered their patrons digital files for albums purchased on vinyl. This is a great idea. And, because we can no longer do it first, we’ll settle for the sincerest form of flattery.

We have every intention of eventually offering, as downloads through our website, mp3s of full albums to vinyl buyers. But, because we don’t yet know how to do that, and because the new Mudhoney record is right around the corner, we will instead be including the full CD with the LP.

In short: The vinyl version of the new Mudhoney LP, Under a Billion Suns, will include a free CD of the full album for your mp3-making pleasure.

Under a Billion Suns is available for pre-order here.

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson