TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM

May Sidewalk: LOBBY LOVE

PROFILED: Pleasure Forever

Andrew Rothbard, Joshua Hughes and Dave Clifford

EASE OF MOTION: Well it was Sub Pop Anniversary Day, the annual day we have our party slash show, so when these guys came in, the office was hopping. Therefore, I did not ferociously eyeball the band’s entrance. Plus they huddled around in a slouchy pile for the duration of their stay, which makes it difficult to really scope out someone’s ability to walk.

ATTITUDE: As always, the band was nice and did not demand quarters from me. Parking meters and candy machines immediately confuse the herd; which gives me the opportunity to scrutinize every little detail and also take the opportunity to inhale deeply the stench of rock stardom.

APPEARANCE: I didn’t stare, god. They looked rather like they had slept in their clothes. And, although charming – there was a slight oiliness and pallor about them that seemed somehow diabolical. Deliberate? Hard to say.

STINKINESS: Pleasure Forever did not get within huffing range, but I’m reasonably sure the band smelled fair to midland with undertones of hangover.

P&Q: Very polite, no hat wearing was done inside, unless that wasn’t actually someone’s hair. I did not take the opportunity to check the band for proper serviette usage. They drank some tea and coffee.

GIFTS: Again, no gifts. I should just give up on getting any gifts. Why would I? No one thinks about these things on the way to the office. I should have known better. A mere rock from rock people is really not asking for very much. Any one of them could just hang out of the van and grab me a pebble. Geez.

FLAG: Wave it high with pride. Looking non-plussed is good.
ENTOURAGE: It’s quite possible that they were each other’s entourage, because they didn’t bring additional dirtbags with them, sadly.

SPAZZINESS: Pleasure Forever was most un-spazzy. They weren’t even festive for such pleasured people. I think they must have been tired.
FINAL GRADE: I give them a B. I wrote it down with a big red pencil. B for bedazzling!