TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


You know that kid in Algebra who says lasers are for losers? Give him the big fuck-you by taking him to Seattle’s esteemed Pacific Science Center on Wednesday, April 6th at 8:30 to see Laser Jennifer Gentle, perhaps one of the most staggeringly groundbreaking events in recent label history. It’s second only to that time a couple of weeks ago when our Online Sales Director, Lacey, took all the birthday balloons belonging to Stuart in Video Production, ran outside, and loosed them into the stratos. This will prove to be just as thrilling—Thanks to Jed in publicity, the Pacific Science Center, J. Gentle, KEXP and The Stranger, several staffers’ longtime dreams of seeing a Sub Pop band perform live in a laser dome whilst a laserist performs a custom-made light show will finally come true.Doors open at 8:30 with the beer garden, and the band plays at 9:30. It’s all-ages, and $5 to get in. If you want to see a REAL show, please do see them the next night at Chop Suey! Come jim-jam with us flip-floppers; we will all be there en masse. If this doesn’t suck and blow up in a all of our faces, maybe Laser Kinski or Laser Yonkers is next?

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson