TUE, AUG 8, 2006 at 11:24 AM


Holy poop, Sub Pop is filled with geezers! There is no doubt that our president, a man who is old enough to be my dad, JP is no exception! To celebrate his birthday, the year of which I won’t disclose as not to embarrass, we decided to fill his office with balloons and dead hookers! Well, Megan Jaspers planning skills fell through and the dead hookers didn’t show up in time, which is a real bummer as you can imagine. However, we did all rally together to inflate around 2786 bigass balloons, which made for a fun work day and a good interoffice bonding experience, if you’re into that sappy crap. We took some photos of the event for all of you curious folks out there who wonder what working at Sub Pop is really like in a day to day sense, so take a look below and you will get a gander. If you want to wish Jon a happy birthday, send your kind, or not so kind, regards and ribs to info@subpop.com

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson