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Jed Helps Shape the Music of the Future

From: Mark M
Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 6:51 PM
To: info@subpop.com
Subject: Jed Mayhew

Hey Jed i’m probably waisting my time i don’t no if you work
at sub-pop anymore but i remember when i pissed you off a few
years ago sending you a song threw the net, if you remember i
sing like kurt cobain and i left a message on your answering
machine, anyways i took your advice and went away and made my
own style like you said, i thought if its okay you might give me
another chance to send you something decent, i do accept that that
song was crap and yer i was sorta copying Kurt Cobain, but hey
if you could sing like him why waste that talent?, and i was trying
any means i could to get a record deal, surely you can understand?,
but as i said i have tried to create something new, all i’m asking
for is a slow yes instead of a fast no, maybe you will delete me
from your email list again, or maybe you will give me another chance,
pretty please, in any case it takes alot of confidence to ring up a
big studio like you and sing and then get shut down like i did by
you, but still try again even though i’m worried your gonna put my
music down, but i figure somewere in there you have to be nice
person "i no you must be! to have a band like nirvana means that
you have some sincerity in you, and maybe you were really trying
to help and not just cranky at me?

i don’t no if i every appologised “so sorry for that dude”

and no i’m not beggin for a record deal, i don’t care about the money
all i’m askin for is distribution, i am fairly confident with this new
music that i will make it because we are very good, i simply don’t give
up, maybe i will mention you won day when i’m up on the mtv stand
lol, and you will say shit he did take my advice lol, in anycase thank
you for steering me in the right direction it stung a bit but now i am
happy you told me i was just a copyier because i was,

i belive everythign happens for a reason
and if you don’t read this or answer me
i guess its not ment to be,

and happy easter lol
after all that
well i really needed to get it out
you changed my way of music jed
and i thank you dude
good luck with all your bands
maybe if you ever read this i will have already made it
and i will rock up at sub pop and say “remember me” lol
and we will both laugh about it,
maybe i will do a nirvana cover for you
or u no some sort of reunion like acca dacca lol
but i don’t think kurt would have liked that lol,
okay better go now

yours sincerly

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson