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Do Not Shop for Records at Hot Topic

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From: dan
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2004 12:26 PM
To: info@subpop.com
Subject: im really pissed off at you guys

my name is chris, i live in racine wisconsin. i have bought three copies of
Nirvana’s Bleach lp {twp at a hot topic store at the regency mall and one
in downtown chicago} and all three of them do not play properly on any
of my record players. What the fuck? im pissed and i want a copy of bleach
that actually plays on vinyl. two of the lps play like this: i put the needle down
at the beginning of the record “blew” and it scratches all the way across to the
end of the side “paper cuts” same goes for the other side of the lp. my other copy
just continually skips on every single song. and i know its not my record player
because every single other lp i have plays perfectly fine. this is totally not cool.
what kind of label manufactures defected merchandise? all i want is to be able to
listen to bleach and i can’t. i’m really pissed at your label i will never buy anything
from you guys again.

a very unhappy customer
-chris kee

Posted by Harry Dean Hudson